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    Rear Suspension Bouncy

    That's much easier and cheaper with a FZ6 than a FZ6R.
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    Watch out for idiots

    This " Watch out for idiots" video is very funny.
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    Rear Suspension Bouncy

    The Race Tech website has a spring rate calculator. I would use 15W oil.
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    Rear Suspension Bouncy

    I would definitely replace the shock and fork springs and put in heavier fork oil. At 300LB, you're overwhelming the suspension (no offence intended). I'm about 200LB and had similar issues. These bikes are set up for around 175LB. The right springs make a world of difference. You'll get a...
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    Fork extension caps?

    Use an FZ1 bar. It'll be the same height as clip-ons and you don't have lower the front end. Plus you'll save a bunch of $$$. I wouldn't trust my bars attached to an extension, but maybe I'm just a chicken sh!t. All the pressure exerted forwards on the right bar would be trying to unscrew it.
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    What the deal with clip-on handle bars?

    Be sure to read this one too. It's important to understand that an FZ1 bar will get you as low as you can go for a fraction of the price of clip-ons.
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    FZ6R Shock options

    You can get aftermarket shocks. Search online and you'll find them. You will pay dearly though. Swap out the springs and use heavier fork oil. It'll cost you around $300 if you do it yourself and it will make a world of difference. If you're going to replace the shock and forks with...
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    How much additional HP would it need to maintain acceleration with a +1 F sprocket

    You'll notice it a little (very little) out of the hole, but not once you're moving. I actually find it helps at the track because I can run one gear lower than usual and it makes my laps faster. That, however, has a lot to do with the configuration of the track I usually go to as well.
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    Plasti dipping your bike

    Love those orange wheels!
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    How much additional HP would it need to maintain acceleration with a +1 F sprocket

    I did this and, once I'm moving, I don't really notice the difference any more.
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    Replace front fork springs & oil to higher grade

    I do mean pump both parts of the fork several times. There really isn't another way, unless you want to remove the damper rod and let the oil drain out the bottom (not recommended). When you turn the fork upside down, you need to have a tub under it to catch oil and the parts (spacer, spring...
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    Replace front fork springs & oil to higher grade

    You'll end up leaving quite a bit of oil in the forks. When you remove the forks, you need to hold them up side down and pump them several times to get all of the oil out. A triple tree stand is not that much, and you can use it to remove your front wheel for tire changes. That will save...
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    Anyone tried this exhaust?

    That is just for looks. Doesn't affect the sound or power of the bike.
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    Is new FZ6R coming for 2017 or YAMAHA might discontinue?

    Don't worry about parts. This bike will be supported for a very long time. There are a lot of them out there.
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    Motorcycle Lift for FZ6R?

    Check out Royal Distributing in Guelph. You can get a good stand there for not much $. I got a swingarm stand and a triple tree stand from them. The T-Rex spool adapters are a good upgrade if you want the ease of use and stability of spools. Blue Streak Racing in Embro has a really good...
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    Replace front fork springs & oil to higher grade

    There are a few threads on this. I suggest going to the Race Tech website and ordering the correct fork springs for your weight and riding style. When you swap your springs out, you need to cut a new spacer for your preload. Cut the spacer so you have to really push hard on the fork caps to...
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    Is new FZ6R coming for 2017 or YAMAHA might discontinue?

    It wouldn't surprise me if the FJ-07 replaced it. 8 years is a long time to stay with an unchanged model, and I can't believe they'd make a new model when they have the FJ-07.
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    Handlebar mod

    I did FZ1 bars and love them. You can't get lower, even with clip-ons, without cutting the plastics. You do have to monkey a bit with the angle of the bars and the levers to get them to a point where they don't hit either the tank or the fairing at full lock.
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    Brake fluid

    I used Motul and it seems fine. I changed to stainless steel lines at the same time, so can't really compare to the original fluid. I can say that I experience little to no fade at the track, which is about as extreme as it gets.
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    Questions about coolant flush

    Torque spec for the drain plug is 10Nm (1.0m-kgf, 7.2 ft-lbf).