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    when slower means faster

    This is a very good read-please sticky mods if you think so too. Sport Rider Magazine-Riding Skills
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    motogp fantasy league

    its quick...its easy, its fun. If you like motoGP sign up for the league I created for us. Its free as well. MCN Fantasy Road Race 2014 League PIN: 17576 (You must give this PIN to any managers that you want in your league)
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    college/employment advice needed

    How would you guys handle if your soon to be wife isn't enjoying her job anymore and wants to start working part time(enough to keep her benefits) and go to school full time. (We were paying for college as she goes with cash) and she currently works full time and goes to school part time towards...
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    Gopro discount code inside

    If u wanna buy a gopro do it through REI and save 20% with code 126take20 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Two bikes I'm considering

    Black and gold 2012 triumph Daytona 675. I found a pretty decent deal on it. The other option is a 2008 R6 from a guy who had aid life crisis at over age 50 and bought it. Only 2700 miles on it and looks like new. Cadmium Yellow and black with the flame decals which are easily removable thank...
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    Sold the Harley today :) new bike coming this spring :) added a new toy to my arsenal today though, in one foul swoop I sold my Harley to my general manager and then bought a new maxima :) 2013 sv in crimson black
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    To hot for gear? from Visor-Down *semi-nsfw*

    To each their own, some say its a sense of freedom......well that form of freedom looks awfully painful.....
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    2013 harley Davidson Fatbob...Why?

    Id like to start off by saying by no way have I lost the soul and desire for streetbikes. I kept the Ninja 250R, which I plan to track with next year. Brooke does not enjoy riding on the 250R anymore because anxiety of when she crashed my fz6r flash back to her. So onto the different bikes...
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    motorcycle drift battle....3? Oh yeah.....

    Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 3 - [Full HD] - YouTube
  10. C much your actually worth

    How much are you actually worth - YouTube How much are you actually worth - YouTube someone please embed this damn video...idk why its so difficult
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    08 zx6r

    2008 ZX6R This has been my pride and joy for the last year and a Half since I bought it from "timekeeper" I spent all winter long with it torn down and did every lick of maintenance to it. This bike is an amazing bike. Personally, I didn't think I would miss the Ergonomics of my Fz6r, but Ive...
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    nasty suprise for a few riders - Four motorcyclists get a nasty surprise
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    anyone else delve in individual stocks? I just bought in on my first stock AMD Pretty Excited about it :) Did tons of research for about 3 months and finally decided to pull the trigger. Lots of crazy things I never knew about like multileg options, covered call, ect. Share your...
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    bikers stop traffic again......

    Bikers stop traffic on I-70 for tricks, police make multiple arrests |
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    Show off your grill....

    So I'm a proud owner of a new weber the spirit e-210 it's an entry into the weber world. I wanted a grill since we moved two places ago but now that we own a home it was something I felt I needed lol. I wanted a larger one but it would have been far out of the budget. I could have...
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    Puma racing boots

    Looking for $210 shipped obo. They have the built in ghost doctor for your ankles. Best boot I have owned. I disinfected and cleaned after every ride. The toe sliders are worn a bit but easily can be replaced or you can leave it for some chuck-norris like street cred.
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    Became a home owner today

    Two car garage 4 bed 3 bath 2100sq ft
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    The new xbox revealed today

    and personally, I think its incredible. Xbox, A New Generation Revealed - The unique thing about it is Microsoft just revealed EA will only be making games with microsoft, it really knocks playstation off the grid for sports fans. I think it was funny playstation chose to wait for...
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    Another attempt to embed a funny vid

    How to Clean your Bike - YouTube
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    the only way to take a piss

    Only way to take a pee stupid embed feature. Works on every forum but here lol