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    Need Help Cannot Remove Fork Seal

    it's been a few years since I did it, but check out item 11 on the expanded view at
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    Vent Tube Routing

    from what I remember, they just loosely go down the right side, there is a loop that they sit in near the bottom, as long as you don't kink them, doesn't really matter
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    Brotella T6 Synthetic oil compared to Yamalube Conventional

    >70k miles, mostly motul and hiflo oil filter... I tried rotell, tried mobil 1 mc, tried a few others, except amsoil, which had great reviews.... in the end to me.... rotell did not last as long for butter smooth shifting as the motul.... but, just change your oil often and any mc oil will do...
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    What FZ6R Year Should I Buy?

    yup, just grab bars! and mileage is nothing on this bike... I had over 70K before I hit the deer... a few other members had more miles than me...
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    Wtb None fz6r related Handle bars

    hit me up on FB, got a bar for ya for free. We just have to meet up somewhere. Forget what kind it is, but got it off of Marthy, was going to put it on, then... deer....
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    probably cost a lot less than my givi bags I bought years ago, but look just as nice. Great for small grocery runs and camping trips!
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    Plate flippers

    I'll refer you to please keep these topics off this board. thanks specifically: Disallowed specific topics We're all about freedom of speech, however there are some topics that don't belong here, such as: Running from the cops...
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    GoPro trade up program

    Guy at work told me about this, just passing it on... sadly, my "play" funds are depleted, but to those who want the latest greatest:
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    Site upgrade.. Post bugs here

    maybe it's just my pc, but it looks like "thanks" and "likes" for posts are disabled???
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    Site upgrade.. Post bugs here

    Awesome! A new look for us, we'll keep an eye out for any issues
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    EBC Brake Pads Being a PITA

    I found many times when ordering parts for the '09 FZ6R, a lot of online stores had listed parts for the '09 FZ6..... they simply had copy pasted everything from the FZ6 to the FZ6R... I started order searching on '10 FZ6R as the FZ6 was discontinued and the only difference between the '09 and...
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    Yamaha OEM Center Stand ?

    I got lucky, found the SW motech for $50 on ebay... couldn't believe it, but I won! Worked just fine, never had an issues with it. Springs were easy with a screwdriver and needle nose pliers, use the screwdriver to guide the springs and the pliers to pull the hook. I actually shipped it down...
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    What grease do you use to lubricant axles/pivot points?

    considering the axle is rotating inside wheel bearings.... the "grease" is only there to prevent the axle from seizing to the wheel bearings, so, not much needed at all....
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    Suspension upgrade

    just an old sale post, but it had some details in it about the rear shock: For sale is an Ohlins S46DR1 rear shock for the Yamaha FZ6R. Made specifically for the FZ6R by the best suspension manufacturer in the world! The biggest lacking piece of the FZ6R is the suspension and here is your...
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    Suspension upgrade look for these
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    so you wanna split huh?

    if all the cages would comply, yeah... afaik, it is still only legal in Cali, and they just released guidelines which should help, maybe
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    Its february...and I am riding...what gives..

    oh stop it!!!!! I see bikes out every day and just bums me even more! lol great weather around here as well
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    I FINALLY Remembered my Password

    Welcome back! :D:D:D:D:D
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    Falls church/ fairfax Virginia

    lol, my high school son was playing with the UVA band one weekend... all the parents were like, we hitting up blue mountain for dinner... awesome area!
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    Mar 23, 2016 Deer vs. FZ6R

    leaning vstrom650... good all around commuter, decent mpg, lots of farkles out there for long touring rides, plenty available in used market. my wild side wants an fj09... but my saner side says, keep it simple