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    New to the site hello everyone

    what part of ohio?
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    T-Rex Spool Adapters PROBLEM!!! HELP

    Why are you putting it that far forward? mine is almost at the end of the swing arm.
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    Why we ride

    I need to go back and find that article...I loved that when I read it the first time...need to reread it...
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    Chad, Are you still on here? I have some questions for you.

    Chad, Are you still on here? I have some questions for you.
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    How hard to remove swing arm to replace endless chain?

    Why? Master link chains are just as good if not better!
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    How many miles on your FZ6R?

    38,000 on mine...there was another thread about this and I believe there were a few with over 100,000 miles
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    2011 FZ6R won't start, please help

    I will third all of this..
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    When to Realistically Perform Valve Adjustment?

    Actually I am at 36k now... first two years were about 11-12 k each next three years were 3k each and this year is pushing to be 8k so far. It was 531 miles last weekend and probably another 470 this weekend...
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    When to Realistically Perform Valve Adjustment?

    At 20k when I had mine done the mechanic said only the outer two needed adjustment....remember to cam chain tensioners too as they are notorious for going bad!
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    Purolator PL14610 Blue or Yellow?

    I believe the yellow ones are textured for better grip when installing or removing...I believe that to be the only difference.
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    Checking in, new girl on the forum

    I missed your first post but welcome to the forum...there is a facebook group too.. That being said there used to be quite a few of us in the area... and we did meet to go riding semi frequently...not so much any more... I don't know if you have been down to brown county yet but there are...
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    Givi Bags

    Simple review - I am not a big fan.... They are nice bags, but construction and design definitely need help especially after 3 years of riding with them... I had the nut on the back of one of the locks come apart....and the lock tumbler pulled out when I went to pull my key out.
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    After 2 weeks with the crud I rode mine today
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    1970 Honda CL350 project

    looks good...sorry about being away...vacation..job loss and new job have tied me up...
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    New member welcome thread

    Ever since Yamaha forced all the groups to change names to protect their copyrighted bike model names the decline has been substantial across all domains.... its funny how some manufacturers embrace forums like this and some try to dismantle them... Almost like they have something to hide.
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    about 200 cold miles on it was supposed to get to 70...yeah that 63 isn't good enough at highway speed.
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    Looking for FZ6R yellow gas tank 2009

    it will take some digging... I used ebay to find an oil pan... and came up with these guys... Quality Used Motorcycle Parts for Sale part was decenty priced, shipped quick...and was the right one..
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    New member welcome thread

    Welcome...this group is slowly shrinking but there are still a few members around... Bookface is another good place to look..
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    What would you do?

    used around here they are getting $3,000 to $3,500 high mileage would lessen that number...obvious damage from accidents will also hurt that figure... I would think you could more than $1,000...especially as we are heading into riding season and tax returns are coming back.... I would list it...
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    Yamaha OEM Center Stand ?

    Dart where are you? Didn't you have a center stand?