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    My speedometer rattles! Help!

    I used double sided tape a few years ago and it's worked fine ever since. If you do it right you can't even notice it.
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    What is your favorite BEER!?

    Lagunitas Lucky 13!!!
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    What Not To Wear (while riding)

    Pretty sure this guy has a buddy with a matching White 675R who wiped out last weekend too (8 days ago) . Probably from doing something stupid like this.
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    WTB Rear Rim

    I ended up denting my rim in my crash and now I need a new one.
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    Motorcycle Pictures... Post All Your Pics Here

    Thanks for the tip Jon! I noticed that as well but wasn't sure if it was due to the "Standard" geometry of the bike or not. Definitely something to work on in the future. I purchased Pilot Road 2's late last year because I was commuting up to Anaheim every so often and mostly cruising...
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    Motorcycle Pictures... Post All Your Pics Here

    Palomar Mountain Fun Took the bike up to Palomar Moutain for the 3rd weekend in a row on Sunday. 3 weekends ago I was one of those idiots in jeans pushing way to hard, but then I wised up a bit and got some leathers (albeit cheap ones) and decided to ease off a bit. I'm a work in...
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    Evo X & FZ6R run.

    private.... :(
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    you guys would be surprised at how easy it is to make a typo like that. As someone who oversees our (the company i work for) email campaigns you get a sense for how easy it is to screw up. You can have anywhere from 1-4 people involved in setting up a single email campaign. The guy creating...
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    Any thoughts on a bigger rear tire

    It could also be the fact that they're better tires than stock, so they would have felt better regardless of if they're 160 or 180.
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    Cool beer I found

    Great beer indeed! Stone brewing company is about 20 minutes from where I live here in SD. It's an awesome brewery and a great place to kick back, have some drinks and relax. If you're an IPA man, I invite you to check out their Ruination IPA. It's delicious. Stone Ruination IPA
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    Motorcyclist gets neck sliced by string.

    The strings on a stunt kite are sharp enough to cut skin by themselves. Hell, they can cut other stunt kites strings very easily . No glass needed.
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    Magic Bubbles!

    pretty damn entertaining
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    Dropped it hard

    $9800 in damages? The bike isn't even worth that much brand new!
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    What Not To Wear (while riding)

    No preaching out of me. Just a simple question which seemed to strike a chord. Yes I speed. Yes I wear gear and yes I believe well over 50% of riders would attempt to put their hands down during a high-side or low side. This is why my question was directed to those who wear jackets, yet...
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    What Not To Wear (while riding)

    Thanks for giving me your take on it. I don't preach gear, as far as i'm concerned Darwinism will run its course. Regardless of someone doing the speed limit or not, if you are wearing a jacket, why aren't you wearing gloves. It seems silly to me - if you fall you're naturally going to put your...
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    What Not To Wear (while riding)

    I've seen it more and more lately now that summer is here. Guys have nice Leather Jackets, Helmets, some even have Boots, yet they don't have GLOVES! WTF... I feel so naked without gloves. Can someone please explain to me WHY... WHY WHY WHY... I want to roll down my window sometimes and just ask.
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    torque Wrench

    a $30 one from harbor freight.
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    So I finally broke down and..

    Cascade CHX... LOLZ! M11 FTW!
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    Just bought a stolen fz6r

    what a steal! how many miles on her?
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    Sidi Vortice Review

    Thanks for the review! semi-related... I work for a big hockey, if you ever need any equipment, let me know and i'll hook it up!