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    WTB Rear Rim

    I ended up denting my rim in my crash and now I need a new one.
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    NCHM Event

    I drove by and saw a couple 6R's there.... anyone of you guys there today?
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    light smoke?

    Changed my oil for the first time. Started her up, she ran fine, but there seems to be smoke? I think it may be from oil that dripped onto the exhaust by the headers or something like that? i'm thinking it might just be burning off... Anyone else have any other ideas? Smoke seems to start...
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    Driveshaft/Sprocket Nut

    OEM Parts Yamaha FZ6R 36P40 (FZ6RYY) 2009 TRANSMISSION - Cheap Cycle Parts Nut #35 For those of you who have a service manual and wouldn't mind the trouble, can you please tell me how tight (ft/lbs of torque) i'm supposed to buckle this sucker down? I guess I didn't tighten it down...
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    White FZ6R... Carlsbad Village drive? about 1245 today

    anybody on here?
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    Need someone to go in on a projector with me

    Hey Guys, My frustration with DDM has skyrocketed and made me reconsider an HID. I'm looking to buy the projector kit like 99vengeur has. The kit is below and comes with 2 of everything (per 99vengeur). I'll gladly order it and ship to another person (after payment via paypal) or have...
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    Spotted... Yellow FZ6R

    Alright... who was riding by Del Mar race track today. It was a yellow FZ6R... who was it!?!?!!?!!?!?:p
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    Tell me "how to" remove front sprocket

    I have it down to the 30mm bolt holding on the small sprocket. Can't get it to loosen up without the sprocket rotating...what am I doing wrong?
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    Which Sprocket Set Up Is Better For The Twisties?

    -1/+2 setup So I changed this topic. cbzdel answer is to my first question.....this is my question now. I know a couple of you have this setup (not conversion! Cbdzel!) I've read on multiple posts that the aluminum sprocket will wear down faster and that gas mileage will suffer. Does anyone...
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    Stock Foot Peg (Right)

    Hey guys, My foot peg broke off on the right side. Seeing if anyone has any extras they dont need anymore. Willing to pay for it if you"d like! Thanks
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    European Sizes

    ... anyone know what they sizes equate to for small/medium/large/xl in european sizes. I've been looking at a couple alpine stars jackets but don't know what size i would be. i'm 6'0 180 - slender build and I currently wear a large joe rocket jacket. Anyone know what size i should get ...
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    So I find myself upshifting to 6th as soon as I can. I think I still have the car mentality that my RPM's should be as low as possible and forget that this thing doesn't redline until 11k instead of 7k... How about everyone else? I assume if you're commuting you probably do the same thing...
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    Gearing vs. MPH

    Simple Question.... Anyone see what MPH each gear redlines at? I redlined the bike at about 100mph today and think i may have been in 3rd? could have been 4th though. Anyone have an idea?
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    Break In Period

    hey guys...and girls... so my bike is in the shop for it's first service (about 615 miles on it) and I was wondering when I can start to push it. The dealer said to stay under 6k on the tach until it's broken in and I've heard that our bikes "take off" at about 8k. So - how many miles...
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    Rear Suspension

    Spinoff of the recent front suspension/fork thread. I searched (maybe not hard enough) for threads on rear suspension and found nothing. I was just wondering what setting you have set yours to and why? I haven't adjusted mine as of yet.