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  1. Johnfz6r

    fz6r (maybe fz6?) tag light wire question

    So today I get motivated to make my own fender eliminator. I didn't mark the wires for the tag light when I cut them and they are both black...... Does it matter which one goes where, is there a way to tell them apart that is right in front of my face?
  2. Johnfz6r

    FZ6R autoblog review

    For those that are interested. Review: Yamaha FZ6R arrives as a rational sportbike
  3. Johnfz6r

    This weekend

    Wow is about all I can say! Outstanding weekend beautiful weather, I averaged about 1 tank a day :) hope everybody else enjoyed it and had safe trips with countless miles
  4. Johnfz6r

    mods/admins check this out

    I found this on Motorcycle racing parts, gear, helmets, apparel, exhausts, and more they are the cheapest place I have found online for gear. They don't have anything for the fz6r and to be honest I didn't check to see if there was anything for the fz6 but either way maybe worth all our time if...
  5. Johnfz6r

    Group buy Yamaha XJ6, XJ6 Diversion, (2009) Tail Tidy/Fender Eliminator

    Who all is interested? RIght now to get it shipped for one person is 98.19 "Hi the postage is £12.60 to the usa recorded. We can do discount for multiple orders cost and volume of order dependent on size of discount. Please email me the order and I will give you a quotation. Regards garry"...
  6. Johnfz6r

    fz6r mpg

    What are yall seeing? I am at 954 miles now so from what i read it should be setteling down. Last two tanks have been really good. This last tank I got 52.4 mpg thats all 2 lane driving with going through 3 town twice a day and most of the riding going around 65 now this isn't driving like a...
  7. Johnfz6r

    632.4 mile FZ6R review

    Well I got to polish off the last bit of millage before the first service this last weekend. We had awesome weather here in NC it was around 78 on Sat. and 83 on Sun. First thing I would like to point out is that with the faster black! the yellow bug guts and pollen seem to stick out alot...
  8. Johnfz6r

    available aftermarket stuff

    Ok so far this is what I have been able to find besides the stuff on the yamaha site. Puig Windshield; says it will be in oem shape and is offered in stock form or tinted Dynojet Power Commander; best I can tell it is a piggy...
  9. Johnfz6r

    So sad

    I bought me bike on the 7th had to wait till wed to pick it up because of rain then I got to ride 2 days that week it was nice then rain on the weekend and 2 more days last week this last weekend got some good seat time in. Rode today and monday and now rain until monday....... Good news is I...
  10. Johnfz6r

    Werkes USA

    I have been going back and forth with these guys and it looks like they will be making a exhaust for us and maybe a fender eliminator kit, but they need a bike to at least look at maybe work with. They are located in southern Oregon (Roseburg) anybody in that area willing to help?
  11. Johnfz6r

    First mod

    Well when I bought my faster black fz6r I figured I would go ahead and add another 100hp by getting the tinted raised windshield. I was worried when it came in and I pulled it outta the box, but I must say it looks nice. Also as a FYI to those of us that are looking for after market...
  12. Johnfz6r

    Hello all

    Just wanted to say hello offically. Bought my fz6r this weekend and went it got it today (first day with out rain.....) I already have 60 miles on it and although its in break in period i gotta say I am loving it! I am coming from a 92 ninja 650r and only have 1 season of riding under my belt...