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  1. mjv21

    Marthy's PCV Maps

    Hey Guys, My PVC isn't hooked up to my speed sensor, but I'm running K&N with Full TBR Exhaust. What Map would be best for me. Not TOO concerned about Mileage. Sport B? If so, can anyone send it?
  2. mjv21

    R6 Calipers

    Are you sure about the R6 calipers from that year? Its looking like the spacing of the mounting bolts is 10cm on the R6's and 8.5cm on the FZ6R
  3. mjv21

    Timing change....Do it!

    Um....I'd also like to understand this.
  4. bike underpass.jpg

    bike underpass.jpg

    At a cool graffiti underpass
  5. bike.jpg


    First day I brought my baby home almost a year ago
  6. IMG_1177.jpg


    Another angle.
  7. IMG_1196.jpg


    Dirty but view from front
  8. mjv21

    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    Woodcraft 41mm with 1.5 inch risers.
  9. mjv21

    WTB machined FZ6 cams

    Same. I'd buy a set of these as well.
  10. mjv21

    Timing change....Do it!

    Did you just buy this or did you do everything with the micrometer as well?
  11. mjv21

    R6 Calipers

    I managed to pick up the master cylinder with lever and calipers for 80 bucks shipped. I'll probably go stainless on top of this as well but yeah that should do the trick.
  12. mjv21

    R6 Calipers

    Hey Guys, Would an older R6 Caliper fit our bikes? I was talking to my local shop about swapping the master cylinder and the lines and he said by far the week point was the Calipers. He suggested that a late 90's- mid 2000's caliper set off an R6 would bolt up to the bike pretty nicely and...
  13. mjv21

    Part out, the big stuff.

    What color? And how's the tank? Also interested in the wheels
  14. mjv21

    R6 Throttle tube

    Hey Guys, Has anyone done this? Is it even possible? I ordered an 06 R6 throttle tube because in theory it should mean less wrist to get to max throttle. WIll it fit?
  15. mjv21

    can anyone find a FZ6R rear seat cowl?

    Do you still have this? I'm in ontario as well and would gladly pay for this.
  16. mjv21

    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    Here's mine. Had her just shy of a year. Was bone stock when I bought it. If you can't tell I like black.
  17. mjv21

    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    I need these mirrors in my life. Can you please share where you got them??
  18. mjv21

    Passenger Seat Stuck

    Hey Guys, I had to buy a new set of allan/hex keys when I was visiting my parents and because I had no other place to put it, it put it inside the passenger seat along with the toolkit. Stupid decision. I went to take it out when I got home only to realize that the seat latch is now stuck...