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    New 1000cc FZ6R Clone

    How the heck did they manage a 1000cc engine with nearly the same curb-weight as our 600cc FZ6R? I'm not done riding. I do have to change some things, though. My Tora Tanshi was just too comfortable. The accident I had was unavoidable for me. I was just cruising along to work and BANG! If...
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    Rider Down.

    Thanks, man. I'm actually thinking of the best place to donate the helmet. So that other, prospective riders might see it and understand what it means.
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    Rider Down.

    I appreciate your advice concerning sensory input. Mostly I've been in bed and I am healing rapidly. Every little movement takes so much effort. Just going down the stairs from my bedroom requires that I sit for several minutes. I'm not with you on the screen time, though. I'm trying to...
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    Rider Down.

    Thanks. Sorry if i offended by my misunderstanding. Brent, sorry. I don't want to offend anyone, rather I hope that everyone here recognize what an accident is, and why ATGATT is the only way to go. I'm currently on an LOA from work. Every little move hurts. I find new places that hurt every...
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    Rider Down.

    I don't understand your point. Read my posts and kiss my ***.
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    Rider Down.

    For me it didn't happen that way. I was just cruising along, about a quarter mile behind the car in front of me. I'd just left my driveway and was accelerating down the road, and then decelerating for the stopsign. Then there was that car, just stopped where it shouldn't have. There was a...
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    Rider Down.

    ATGATT. Boots. Pants. Jacket. Gloves. Full face helmet. I hit hard enough on my forehead that my face impacted the inside of the my helmet. Bent hell out of my glasses. My sinuses and nose are bruised and swollen. I hit that hard on my face. I wore a Shoei RF1100 that fitted me. You've got...
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    Rider Down.

    Yeah. Me. Mr. SAFETY. Down. Just going to work, not two miles from my house. Car before me is a long ways away. I'm just commuting. Came around a corner, and that car was stopped in the middle of the road. Just stopped. Oncoming traffic cleared, and my thought was "OH Shit, they've...
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    Which color

    Just not seeing it. I can't wait to see the finished bike. Since you are so taken with it, I suspect you will change my mind about my color choice.
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    losing power in low gear cruising

    The 6R runs "proper" out of the box. It does exactly what is supposed to do, exactly as it was meant to do. Many members love to mod it either for looks, torque or horsepower, sound, just to personalize etc. It doesn't mean the bike isn't right. The 6R IS right. Most of us are happy with...
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    Another FZ6R to XJ6 Conversion

    I am not a fan of naked conversions of the 6R, but yours is fantastic. Very well done. Rep would be on the way, but I've got to spread some more around. Still, awesome job.
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    New FZ6R owner from Toronto, Canada

    Also my bike. I still haven't stopped loving everything about it. Welcome.
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    losing power in low gear cruising

    I had a CB900 SS that the PO tried to drag race and tossed a Juice Box onto. My poor CB had more problems than I will post in this thread. However, I could never be sure the electrical problems weren't the Juice Box or it's install, and eventually I removed it. That thing was nothing but...
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    Stripped Bolt Stuck in Clutch Casing Cover

    An Impact Driver in reverse with a Torx might do it, if it's really tight. The driver works on impact, though so I'd try it with a deadblow hammer first, so "hopefully" as not to damage the cover.
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    Put on the DYNO

    OK. THAT made me laugh! :D
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    new guy, thinking of buying a fz6r, got ?'s

    Dude, that was a low blow. Not that others weren't thinking it, we just weren't saying it out of respect for the people who spend the money, take the chances and do the work to mod their bikes to make them more than they were designed to be. Just sayin.' :)
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    Handle bars, pegs

    Seriously glad to hear you're OK. I've got one of those "gravel on the side of a tight turn with a cliff shortly after I crashed to a stop" stories as well. With me it was highbeams blinding me on a switch-back I was already pushing. There's an old saying: Any landing you walk away from was a...
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    Streetfighter "kit" or pieces

    T, I don't know what's going on and I don't have to. You and yours are in my prayers.
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    bike shut-off

    My first thought upon watching the video was it was definitely electrical. The bike simply shut off at the exact moment you clutched. Upon watching a few times, I'm not so sure. You also dropped throttle at the exact moment of shut off. It didn't stumble, though. It just died, so I'm still...
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    Hydro Dipped yellow FZ6R, now purple

    I am also not a fan of purple, but I can say honestly that is one the best paint jobs I've seen on a 6r. Truly impressive.