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    2009 FZ6R Street Fighter Conversion

    Pictures don't work op
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    Trying to go keyless

    Seems like the other night someone tried to start my bike with a screwdriver and wrecked my ignition pretty good. So I'm trying to see if anyone here has any experience or any thoughts on going keyless, what are some systems that you like or how did you do it. I have an s v6 are 2009 and...
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    thought my chain fell off

    the issue, can you help? So I finally had a chance to look at my bike in the day light. After taking off the cover on the final drive sprocket I saw that I had lost the nut that's suppose to hold my sprocket in place. So I have to get a new one problem is it's not a standard part. Can...
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    thought my chain fell off

    I was cruising down the freeway yesterday at 60 when my bike suddenly reved high jumping into the 10s. I couldn't figure it out, thought that maybe the bike had somehow fallen into neutral. Well **** that's probably not good, so I shifted through my gears and tried a different one. NO LUCK...
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    help! electrical problem: 2009 FZ6R

    SO i got another jump start and then hopped on and rode it around for about an hour. When I later turned it off and turned it back on it started up with a couple turn overs. The trickle charger is a good Idea, I remembered that the manual said that the ideal alternator RPM was 5000 so I drove at...
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    help! electrical problem: 2009 FZ6R

    so I left my key in the ignition and killed the battery. I managed to get someone to give me a jump start which was great, started the bike up, got it all running and left it running while I put the seat on and everything. figured I'd charge up the battery. next thing I knowas the bike is 207...