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    Just Bought a FZ6R with a 2 Brother pipe and it runs like a pig. HELP !

    Such low mileage means a lot of time sitting with stale gasoline. A friend didn't ride her 6R for two years, and the low end performance was poor. We ran it for three tank fulls with Techron added and it cleaned up like new. I suspect it was gummed up injectors. Can't hurt to give it a try.
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    The Timing Advance Mod: Valve Adjustment?

    The valve check/adjustment is surely cheaper than burned valves.
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    Back after 4 years of not riding

    The R3 can make a good local-only scoot, but you may find the ergonomics are designed for smallish riders. Don't forget to do a brake fluid change on the 6R - ten years is too long.
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    Need Help Temperature problems

    Being 10 years old, the radiator cap may not be working properly. It acts as a two-way valve. As the engine heats up and the coolant expands, it releases the extra coolant into the plastic reservior (Sometimes referred to as an overflow tank). When the engine is turned off and cools down...
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    First Crash

    Invest in a set of frame sliders. Money well spent.
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    Low rpm problems

    You may have kicked up some contamination in the bottom of the fuel tank while stunting. I suggest removing the tank and dumping the fuel by holding it upside down. Fill with half a gallon of fresh fuel, slosh it around, then dump it.
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    Finally decided to stop being a sucker

    Rocky Mountain ATV shows special order 5-7 days on that part. I doubt that anyone is going to have them in stock, because it is not a common replacement part.
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    Finally decided to stop being a sucker

    Front or rear? What year?
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    Rear seat bag

    Cortech tail and tank bags work great for me.
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    FZ6R Manual page and dx question

    Ignore what? :)
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    Dash flickered then went out.

    That will do it. Glad you found the problem.
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    Listing of common torque specs for FZ6R

    Thanks. I'm going to check the calibration of my torque wrench.
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    Listing of common torque specs for FZ6R

    I am using the PDF copy of the factory service manual that has been around since 2009. It calls for 57 Ft. Lbs torque on the rear sprocket nuts. That sounds too high, and when I try to tighten them to that value it feels too tight. Anyone know of an updated spec.? Thanks.
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    Vibration at 6000RPM

    The Fizzer is a very smooth bike, but some vibration is always going to be there. If you are feeling it mostly in the handlebars, not in the footpegs or seat, a good trick is to fill the handlebars with steel BB's. Remove the right side bar end weight (it unscrews) and turn the bars full left...
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    Dash flickered then went out.

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    Dash flickered then went out.

    This is false. Starter and alternator are 2 different units. Questions for Lovelife: What did you do to repair the starter? Have you connected any accessories to the electrical system recently? Lovelife: The simple checks are as follows: Test the battery voltage with a basic voltmeter. You...
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    Why we ride

    From an old issue of AMA magazine: "Riding is part of who we are, and we can’t imagine not riding. We dread the day when age or illness will inevitably force us to park our rides for the final time. Until then, we love the surge of the engine when we roll on the throttle, and the...
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    2019 FZ6R ?? No More / Discontinued

    If you want new, there may be some leftovers still available. I got my 2015 in Jan. of 2016 at a good price - $6900. Any dealer can do a search for you. Lots of lightly used ones probably at good prices because of off-season.
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    How hard to remove swing arm to replace endless chain?

    Yup, I have done a few staked master links in my life. Gave away my tool on my last home move because I didn't have the FZR at the time. I don't mind spending an hour or so to drop the swing arm because I can check to see if it can use some lubrication.