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    Brotella T6 Synthetic oil compared to Yamalube Conventional

    My bike now has about 6,200 miles, all but the last 600 on conventional Yamalube. I actually bought a quart of Torco (Yamalube) to top off after I took an engine cover off early on when I first go it. To my amazement after plenty of thrashing, my bike used zero oil up to changing to T6 Full...
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    Brotella T6 Synthetic oil compared to Yamalube Conventional

    My bike was on the Yamalube conventional per the dealer choice as it had been serviced previously. If you want to use Yamalube conventional or full Synthetic, just buy Torco. Exact same oil but cheaper. The only reason I don't use it is like Motul, it's priceed like liquid gold.
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    Screaming Banshee Wannabe Air Horn & Headlight Flash Mod

    So, here I am enjoying riding my bike a lot, but now lamenting that my mod phase is nearly over, thinking about other less exciting projects, like mowing the lawn... :-( Ah ha! The idea of upgrading my horn pops into my head. I actually never use my horn. The only times I remember is when I...
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    Halo/ Angel Eye/ Demon Eye lighting

    I went VERY simple LED and was AMAZED at the improvement. I'm happy with that. I also lit the Jewel with assistance from Adazine on this site.
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    Main wiring harness

    When I have needed wiring diagrams I just Googled the specific part/area I needed. Sometimes the results are more than just a diagram, but also forum or other write ups and pics that are helpful.
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    Wiring fun: LED's, Alarm System, garage opener, flush mount gear indicator

    5 month Alarm update. After living with this alarm for a while, and quieting it's incessant chirps EVERYTIME you shut of the bike, set the alarm... and on and on; the damn thing chirps all the time it seems (as it was designed, I just don't like that part of the design), I finally had enough...
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    New member here’s my ride!

    Welcome, and well done great start!
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    Brotella T6 Synthetic oil compared to Yamalube Conventional

    Yes: Rotella T6 5w-40 full synthetic. It's really is nice having the smoother shifting, up and down. I'm sure other may brands do this as well... It might just be that it's full Synth where the Yamalube it had previously was always dino. Just be sure whatever you use it is JASO MA certified...
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    Brotella T6 Synthetic oil compared to Yamalube Conventional

    I was waiting for this. Yep, walked right into it!
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    Brotella T6 Synthetic oil compared to Yamalube Conventional

    Hey Arnie. I'm not trying to argue, rather to clarify;T6 is not "out of spec" at all. It meets or exceeds Yamaha specs. The key to motorcycle oil specification is 3-fold as I understand it. The viscosity rating 5W30, 10W40, etc which you can vary per the Yamaha manual depending mostly on on...
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    Brotella T6 Synthetic oil compared to Yamalube Conventional

    So my friends urged me to try Shell Rotella T6. I bought my 2012 Fizzer with 2200 miles on it last year. I knew the former original owner, who unfortunately passed away suddenly. I have the receipts for every year when he had the stealership inspect the bike and change the oil & filter every...
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    Velocity stacks question please help

    I have been running with Delkevic Marthy style exhaust, PC5, cut open airbox with all short stock Velocity Stacks for about 4,000 miles now. I believe with my set-up the airbox mods and short stacks enhance top end a bit. I bought a used airbox on E-bay super cheap, so I can play with Velocity...
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    Checking in, new girl on the forum

    GREAT JOB Sara!
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    Sena speakers suck for music... Dolby Surround Sound for under $20. Yep!

    Ok, maybe not Dolby Surround Sound, but how about taking out 40% or so of the wind noise in your helmet, get close to double the volume, and actually hear bass? After a recent 3-day MC trip it became really clear the the Sena SMH10 speakers suck to listen to music. Very tinny, volume so low...
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    First "long" trip in 45 years!

    I don't think a deer whistle works... it wold not have helped Tim nearly hitting that deer. It was just terrible timing as it lumbered across the road right in front of him. I went with ROX 1" up and back bar risers using stock handle bar. Since you have a gel seat already, try addding a $60...
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    First "long" trip in 45 years!

    So me and my 2 Amigo's (son Jake and friend Tim) went on a whopping 450 mile ride to Little Switzerland, NC to ride the Diamondback loop and tour the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP). I had only done a 200 mile trip previously, on my stock seat. I walked like John Wayne for 3 days. After modding my...
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    From a recent trip to NC Mountains....
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    Alaska Leather Sheep Skin Butt Pad is..... Awesome!

    That's me. 64 years young! 2 days before we leave on our trip. Can't wait! Changing the oil & filter, cleaning, adjusting and waxing the chain, looking for leaks and loose things today.
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    dynojet plug and play?

    Don't forget to play around with it. Once you get used to the software it's easy. I was really happy to find out about the Delta Capture feature. It makes your trail and error a shorter process.
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    dynojet plug and play?

    The accelerator pump setting is all about how you want it to activate it (how fast you "change" -called "Delta" by Dyno Jet, the throttle position, that is, how fast or slow you twist the throttle under hard acceleration when you want a boost of fuel) the duration of additional enrichment under...