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    Why we ride

    I bought my first bike at the same time as i was doing a hang gliding course. bikes and gliders are both steered by leaning them over so a very similar feeling but riding a motorbike is like having a rocket powered hang glider , pretty close to flying like a bird.
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    Dash flickered then went out.

    The starter motor is also the alternator so if it's shagged the battery won't be charging which is the cause of your problems. You'll need a new stator (starter/alternator)
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    time to rebuild/upgrade the suspension (front and rear)

    Yeah gold valves are cartridge emulators, just installing them stops the front diving so upgrading springs isn't really necessary, up to you. Hyperpro's website is shit, it's probably easier to email them as i don't know a part number.
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    time to rebuild/upgrade the suspension (front and rear)

    Put Racetech gold valves and 20w oil in the forks and i think Hyper Pro make upgraded rear springs for the standard rear shock, their aftermarket rear shock isn't cheap.
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    Can anyone post a pic of where they placed the o2 bung?

    This is the factory sensor on an Australian bike . The bolt behind it is for an aftermaket O2 gauge .
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    ECU Flash or Dynojet Fuel Map

    There's a few companies in Brazil flashing the FZ6R / XJ6 , vids on youtube. Ecuwest in Australia claim to do it to. Search for Piasini agents , should be some in the States. Marthy's cam swap is a big improvement to , cheers for the write up Marthy.
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    Alaska Leather Sheep Skin Butt Pad is..... Awesome!

    All the old timers reckon Sheepskin is the best thing for touring.
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    Highbeam doesnot work

    I tried LED, low beam was better high beam was crap. Went back to standard.
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    Helmet camera

    Michael Schumacher had a gopro strapped to his helmet when he had his snow skiing accident. Hasn't been seen in public since.
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    Black widow headers with voodoo exhaust
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    ost 2009 changes that affect performance?

    There are no know changes to power output across the FZ6R by year, there are minor differences between U.S models and the rest of the world but only minor. The previous version the FZ6 was still built in 2009 so that might have been what they actually tested, that has more power than the FZ6R...
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    FZ6 throttle body spacing

    Closer to 73mm.
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    Had 8 feet of rainfall this wet season, haven't ridden much.
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    FZ6 throttle body spacing

    The FZ6 and FZ6R throttle bodies are interchangeable, the outside diameter is the same it's the inside diameter that is different. 36mm for the FZ6 and 32mm for the 6R. You'll need an ecu to run it all. Pic is 6R throttles. Pressure reg is part of the pump I believe.
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    EBC Brake Pads Being a PITA

    I didn't replace the rears, front still had heaps of pad after 39 000 km so they stayed in to. There's 3 different types of EBC too, standard, track day, and race.
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    EBC Brake Pads Being a PITA

    Shiny ones rear brake , crusty one is front. You just learnt the same lesson as me. Better marking on the package would help.
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    Black Widow Exhaust

    Being that exhaust clips together i'd be worried about using it on a bike with an O2 sensor. If it sucks air in thru the joints it will affect the AFR reading.
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    Changing the timing

    "But dude, you have this ability! So why then are you shipping.....?????? If I'm guessing correctly, are we headed towards Cookie Cutter plan based upon the recipe of another? Is that the correct take away here?" I'm just trying to get a cheaper read/write solution happening, they need the...
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    Do I need to change oil

    Should be fine I reckon, 2 months isn't that long.
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    Changing the timing

    Holy Shit ! Lot of work making that happen. I've got a FZ6 MAP sensor, I just did the throttle body swap and had to use my original as the elec plug is different. I emailed mmcflash and they can do a module so i'm going to send them the S1 FZ6 and U.S FZ6R ecu's. That should cover S! ,S2 FZ6...