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  1. Just_Jim

    R6 Calipers

    IDK. I didn't look into much once I saw what it was going to cost.
  2. Just_Jim

    R6 Calipers

    I thought about it - the front brakes on my 2005 R6 really spoiled me. I found that the 03-04 R6 or 06-09 R6S used the same size rotors and the calipers should bolt right on the FZ6R. To do it right, you'd also need the R6 master cylinder. I decided against doing it when I figured out the cost...
  3. Just_Jim

    WTB Slip On

    Maybe check with Jardine and see if they make a Quiet Insert for your slip-on. That may be the cheapest, easiest way to go.
  4. Just_Jim

    How do i delete this post?

    What needs to be done really depends on how the previous owner stored it - because he obviously didn't ride it very much. If he kept it on a Battery Tender, the battery may be fine, otherwise it should probably be replaced. Personally, I never trust anyone regarding the fluids and I change...
  5. Just_Jim

    Back after 4 years of not riding

    You should replace the tires too. They probably look brand new, but 10 year-old tires are not very safe.
  6. Just_Jim

    Just Bought a FZ6R with a 2 Brother pipe and it runs like a pig. HELP !

    You don't remove the radiator. You go from the top and have to lift the fuel tank. There is a How-To thread on here.
  7. Just_Jim

    Just Bought a FZ6R with a 2 Brother pipe and it runs like a pig. HELP !

    One other thing, it's probably still got the original tires on it. If I were you, I'd replace them, no matter how much tread they have. 10+ year-old tires are not something you want to ride on for very long.
  8. Just_Jim

    Just Bought a FZ6R with a 2 Brother pipe and it runs like a pig. HELP !

    OP, don't throw a bunch of money at your bike until you've narrowed down the potential problem. Definitely drain and refill the fuel (regular gas will do, using premium is just a waste of money and no benefit to performance - this bike was designed to run on regular gas) and for sure change the...
  9. Just_Jim

    Need Help Temperature problems

    Since you recently had the coolant changed there may be some air stuck in the coolant system that will need to be "burped" out.
  10. Just_Jim

    Question Exhaust

    With the center stand on your bike, you are pretty much limited to the stock exhaust.
  11. Just_Jim

    Center stand for2016 FZ6R

    Revzilla. The SW Motech center stand fits all years.
  12. Just_Jim

    Question lift for maintenance best idea

    I just use front and rear stands to get my bike off the ground for maintenance.
  13. Just_Jim

    First Crash

    That's the oil pump cover. Check out Bike Bandit ( for OEM parts. I've found them to have the best prices and customer service.
  14. Just_Jim

    Center Stand

    I got it from Revzilla, here's the link:
  15. Just_Jim

    My 09 Fz6r

    Yeah, ride it. :cool:
  16. Just_Jim

    Question Dash LED blown

    The Haynes manual has instructions with pictures on how to remove the instrument cluster. Unfortunately, it also states that the only way to replace failed LEDs is to replace the whole cluster.
  17. Just_Jim

    Need Help Cannot start the engine on my Diversion F

    Is the battery all charged up? It 's sounds like the battery is low.
  18. Just_Jim

    FZ6R Rear seat Cowl

    That's pretty much the only option if you want new. Sometimes the seat cowl Yamaha used to sell will show up on Ebay.
  19. Just_Jim

    Bobski's windscreen comparisons

    Try a blow dryer and some WD-40 to remove the sticker. It should get it all off without much effort.