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    WTB: Puig Touring Screen

    Seem to have missed the last two for sale :( If anyone else has one they are getting rid of, let me know.
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    Plumbing 101

    Plumbing Tips - YouTube
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    White wheels + new graphics

    Can anyone photoshop white wheels on this FZ6R, and change the outline on the graphics from pink to blue ? 2010 Yamaha FZ6R
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    How low can you go ?

    Would be surprised if anyone here can answer this with any authority, but here goes: The FZ6R has 5.1" of suspension travel front and rear. It is possible to lower the front and rear a total of 3.0" by using a rear lowering link, raising the forks in the triples, replacing the rear shock...
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    Cartridge fork emulators / RaceTech Gold Valves

    Seen a couple of people on the forum rave about these. The thing I don't get is that the FZ6R already has a cartridge style fork, so what is the point of putting in a product that makes your fork work like a cartridge style, if that's what you already have ? Did a search on emulators...
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    Soupys Performance Lowering Link

    Looks just like the Roaring Toyz link... FZ6R Lowering Kit, FZ6R Lowering Link, FZ6R Lowering Links, FZ6R Adjustable Kickstand, FZ6R Lowering Kickstand