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    Hand Guards/Center Stand

    Looking to find a set of hand guards for long-distance protection, please recommend Also want to install a center stand, looking for recommendations. Thank you. :cool:
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    Mods for old farts

    How much is the Russel seat ?? Thanks.
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    Bobski's windscreen comparisons

    Excellent review ....... just what i was looking for ! Many thanks.
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    Center Stand

    Thanks for the news on that Jim.
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    New member welcome thread

    Name is Ivan. My motorcycle dis-ease is wanting so many different rides which leads me to have owned some 60+ bikes in my riding years. Still riding the back-roads @ 75 yrs on the planet. Originally from the UK (known as England in my day). Have owned Ducati, Triumph, Moto-Guzzi, Norton...
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    Center Stand

    SW-Motech have a center stand for an FZ6R up til 2015. Will this same stand fit onto a 2016 model ?
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    Puig Wind Visor

    Puig Shield Would like to know where I can purchase a Puig Touring Shield ?
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    FS: Givi V35 including mounting hardware for FZ6R

    Do you still have the bags ?? And any idea of shipping to central Wisconsin ?? :)
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    Bar risers & luggage

    Older gent looking for advice/suggestions for luggage attachments. Maybe hard side-mounted bags. Also bar risers for more upright riding. :)
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    How much did you pay for your FZ6R?

    About to pay $6050 OTD for a left-over 2016. :don'tknow:
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    FS: Givi V35 including mounting hardware for FZ6R

    And how much is shipping ??? Thanks.
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    Making seat more comfy - Memory foam

    How bout Spencer Seats in Florida. Might be worth a try .... he does inexpensive work but good.
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    Not yet a FZ6R owner...but

    Replying to your comments on the FZ6R. I've ridden many bikes, mostly sport-tourers .... now older and "mellower". Looking at buying either the FZ6R or the Ninja 650R. All I want is a smoooth ride, NO buzzing whatsoever. And for someone who does cross-country, back-road rides I will need...