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    My new KTM

    Got a new ride yesterday. Aera 27.5 Pro [emoji39] Unfortunately this is not a motorized beast but quite a nice ride in the trails! Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
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    LED headlight mod

    Here's my latest FZ6R mod, LED headlight bulb. Not quite a mod but the light gain is very good. Got the idea from the other house. Kit is very simple and is a straight on swap with the OEM light bulb. The kit is not listed under FZ6R but FZ09 and good for 3000 lumens on high beam, very bright...
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    Yamaha Recall

    Any of you are making the list?
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    Aftermarket foot pegs

    Quick question, anyone is using those? Any good or bad thing to say about them? Getting to the point where I wear off the tip of my boots at the track, need to rise the pegs about 1" or so. Thanks. Black Yamaha Front Adjustable Foot Pegs VMAX 1700 XJ6R FZ6R 2009 2010 2011 | eBay
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    Marthy liquidation sale

    Hey everyone, I've been debating for quite some time about getting out of exhaust business. It is very time consuming and way too much competition out there to make it a valuable income. Been a lot of work, especially this year. Worked on the FZ09 and recently on the FZ07... just...
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    FZ6R vs. FZ07 vs. FZ09

    Most of you already know that I've been pounding miles on my 6R for the past few years, all 46K of them. I bough myself a FZ09 about 1 year ago and put a solid 10K miles on it already. That include 2 little trip in the Smokies and 2 track days. Also this past week I had the chance to build an...
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    Marthys for sale list.

    Hey everyone. Cleaning up the Man Cave a bit. I have a brand new SW-Motec center stand for sale. Never rode with it! I used it to do an exhaust fit, thats it. Comes with a FE & license plate light, no signals. C/S alone was $175... I would take $100 and if you're local I will install it for...
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    Shout to Atlanta rider

    Hey guys, I need to drive up to ATL airport around the 12th of this month to drop off a car. I was thinking throwing the 09 in the trailer and stay up there for the weekend, driving back Monday. Planing on riding the BRP and all those twisty road. If...
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    MT-07 is coming

    Yamaha just annonce the new MT-07. 698cc parallel twin naked ride. 74,8 ch, 68 Nm à 6 500 tr/min et un poids de 179 kg (poids à sec de 164 kg). 75HP / 50 @ 394 lbs. That's a 6R with almost 80 less!!!!!!!!! That's going to be a killer! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    F/S FZ6R Parts

    In the next few days i will be wiferizing the 6R. So i will pull out the racetech front (about 2 months old) spring to put the stock one back in. They're one step stiffer... really nice actually. Also I will be selling a brand new SW-Motec center stand that I bought to do an exhaust fit... never...
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    Marthy's new ride

    Most of you already know... There she is! Pretty amazing bike with a tone of torque on the bottom right from idle. Engine is quite punchy on top too. Seat has a bit too much slope forward but other than that thr ergo is bang on! I will post my "upgrade" as I go... Gone riding now... Sent...
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    MCN Yamaha review

    This one is for the few of us that have been here for a while and had time to pound some serious miles on the 6R. I put a word already... your turn! Yamaha 600 owners wanted - | Motorcycle News | Bike News | Motorbike Videos | MCN
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    WTF??? Seriously???

    Just pick that up in the news. Some f%$# three huggers decide that E15 is the next big thing. Regular gas FR is 14.7:1, E10 is 14.1:1 then E15 should be around 13.8:1 That's 8% more gas! So someone explain me where the saving is? Just lost 24 miles on my tank going from regular gas to E15 by...
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    Lotus Motorcycle?

    Very interesting article... Lotus Motorcycles to build its own and first ever motorcycle Lotus Motorcycles was established to design and build the first motorcycle of the iconic car manufacturer. The bike will be named Lotus C-01 and will be the most impressive appearance on public roads on...
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    Miss Marthy need your help

    Hey everyone. My wife is in charge of a fund raising at her school for the American Heart Association. Anything can help... spread the word! If any of you are my FB friend, share the link too. Juantele Hanson's Personal Page for Heart Walk 2013-2014 Palm Beach, FL Thanks a lot!
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    June 11th 2013

    Put this date in your calendar!!! Yamaha will announce the 2014 models. New Yamaha bike on June 11th!
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    Little worry :(

    Well... my wife has been falling asleep about everywhere lately. She sleep her 8 hrs and is still tired. She can barely spend 12 hrs up without taking a nap. So she talked to her teacher (radiology school) about it and he referred her to a doctor. They did few basic test on her and a MRI. Then...
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    My next ride

    Well, it's not a secret that I'm seriously considering getting a new ride sometime this year. So i have plenty to shop around and compare models. The FZ6R has been a great bike and it's not going anywhere... Perfect little touring bike for what I need. What I'm looking for is a bike with...
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    Boston Marathon...

    WTF is wrong with those people??? Who ever that is... 2 bombs exploded at the finish line. Hope everyone are ok. Being a runner myself... I feel somewhere between totally POff and worry. I have a 1/2M next weekend...
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    Production line...

    I was looking at my ride... Build in 12/08 #988 out of the line.