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    Stock Exhaust

    Anyone need a stock exhaust system? I'll trade it for a case of Molson Canadian tall cans. Let me know. Sent from Samsung Galaxy S4
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    Goodbye FZ6R

    Today is a bittersweet day, it's the last night my FZ6R will spend in my garage. I've traded Fizzer in on a 2015 FZ-09. The FZ6R has been a wonderful bike to own and ride, never gave me so much as a hint of trouble. I will definitely pop in here still, I think all of you guys and gals are a...
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    FS??? Stock Exhaust

    Is my stock worth anything to anybody on here?? Looking to get $100 for it.
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    TBR Black Series

    Just HAD to post this. I picked up a Two Brothers Black Series Carbon Fibre exhaust last night for $600. It came off a bike that is for sale. The bike has lass than 2000 kms on it and the guy said the exhaust system has only a few hundred kms on it. Either way, there is not a mark on it. I...
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    2012 r6

    Test rode the 2012 R6 at the local dealership yesterday during a Yamaha demo day. All I can say is WOW!!! The engine in that bike is AMAZING!! It is indescribable what is happening at high revs in that motor. At 9K or 10K, the power is building so rapidly and smoothly it makes you grin ear...
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    Threw it on the Ground

    This video has been around awhile but it's definitely worth a look to anyone who hasn't seen it. Threw It On The Ground - YouTube Can't check the link cuz I'm at work (they block youtube). If the link is no good, just google "threw it on the ground"
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    Go canucks go!!!

    I don't know if any of you are hockey fans, but I'm a huge fan. Vancouver can send San Jose to the golf course tonight if they win. I am sooo looking forward to seeing a Canadian team in the final.:cool:
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    Loving this new bike

    So I brought my new motorcycle home last Wed. I plated it Friday, and now I have almost 500km on the ODO. I mentioned in the new member's section that this bike replaces a Suzuki GS500. The best way for me to describe the FZ6R is "WOW". Don't get me wrong, I loved my GS as well. But...
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    First post and no FZ6R yet

    Hello to all. Just thought I'd stop in to say hi. I'm taking delivery of a new 2010 black w/gold rims FZ6R on Wednesday and I can't wait!! This seems to be the perfect bike for someone wanting a F.I. 600cc 4 cyl. but does not want to lean over their bike all day. I spent a couple years on a...