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    Members Interviews Questions

    grt up onr more time than youare knocked down
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    10/10 45'k basic black with black striping 10 of 2010 that is also 10 out10 of in quality bike
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    where the questions
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    Throttle derestricting FZ6R

    cutting the stop of the cable bracket yes but make when you do it that the butterflies dont over rotate w.o.t.position has to be checked with air box off looking down through the throttle bodies
  5. mark

    02 sensor blocker

    o2 sensor effects the fuel graph in the computer
  6. mark

    Shifting gears @ RPM to maximize output

    you may have 6 gears but you might only use 3 using less gears can actually decrease lap times and increase speed except for the start the slowest corner with enough revs is the lowest gear you use. on short tracks you may not use top gear use use less gears and you lose less time changing gears