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  • Well, I finally paid for a bike. Sorry, but it's not the bike (FZ6R) I thought I would ride. It's a new 2009 Yamaha FZ6 (Blue). Can't refuse their offer, but anyway, " Ride safe to all"
    hello FZ6R people, me, wifey and baby boy are going for a Road Trip from the Bay Area, California to Orlando, Florida. We're leaving either on the 30th of Sept or the 1st of Oct. If anyone might need something brought to you from here or along my route to be picked up and brought to you toward or close to my destination, let me know. we'll work something out, just as long as it's not the whole motorcycle, and not to off my route. I will take donations......to help with gas.
    We'll have stops here and there, just cruising to Orlando, Florida. No rush on this trip, and then head back Home taking a different route. The middle part of USA, maybe.
    let me know what i can do for you here.
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