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    The Timing Advance Mod: Valve Adjustment?

    I think the silence is more-so a slow forum thing lol. Let me know when you're ready to do it, and we'll get it done! Enjoy the 15t sprocket though. I think that'll be the most noticeable increase in acceleration of the mods.
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    2009 FZ6R Street Fighter Conversion

    Yes please! I love it
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    Sup all, just picked up a new 2014 fz6r

    I wasn't complaining, just bringing it to MorningStar's attention that he most likely won't get a reply from the OP lol. I've done it before too
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    Sup all, just picked up a new 2014 fz6r

    This thread is 4 years old lol
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    FZ6R Rear seat Cowl

    $300 with shipping and it could take 4 months to get to your door. Then there's the issue of quality. If someone wants it bad enough, it's there. But damn lol
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    Welcome! Never heard of Pearland, Tx but I'm in the South Dallas area. You need a new back tire by the way!
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    FZ6R full Fairings/ dashmount/ mirrors for sale

    I've got a friend here in Texas that may be intersted in them. Let me get him to come look and posibly get in tough with you!
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    How many miles on your FZ6R?

    14,700 on my 13. My friend's 09 has close to 50,000 I believe
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    Night and Day - amazing power

    When my insurance goes down, I will get a more powerful bike lol. I like it though!
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    2011 FZ6R won't start, please help

    I'll second what he said. I bought a cheap chinese dual sport. For the longest time I thought I had a bad battery. After sitting over night it would not start. I kept it on a battery tender anytime I wasn't riding it. It wasn't registered so I never rode it very far or very long. The first time...
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    Weighted Bar Ends for Woodcraft Clip-ons

    First off... thank you OP. This saved me the trouble of making stock ends work or having something custom made. Second, the faucet washers are not necessary. If you flip the spacer around, the ends will slide into the clip ons. I wasn't able to tighten them down with the faucet washers...
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    Checking in, new girl on the forum

    The white definitely looks good!
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    How to make factory bar ends work with woodcraft clip ons

    Thank you thank you thank you. I'm doing this. Sick of the vibrations lol
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    R6 Rearsets mod complete

    I like the look a lot better than the stock rearsets and pegs. Write up for sure!