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    PC Flow reusable oil filter

    --Anybody using these? Motorcycle PC Racing Flo Oil Filter | MotoSport Canada Looks promising, plus it's housing acts as a lightweight oil cooler. ~p
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    Bye Bye Pearl White!

    Sazabi! --I like it, the color reminds me of the battle armor Sazabi from Gundam. My favorite mecha design. ~p
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    Frame sliders?

    T-rex --Installed these on my 2014. Because the fairing is so loud most ppl don't even notice they are there until I point them out. 09 on TRex Yamaha FZ6R Frame Sliders NO CUT They had a nicer version at the end of the 2013. They were more cone shaped rather than cylinder and if they get...
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    Need Opinions Please

    red 2014 --I have the red 2014. Somehow a local dealership got one before anyone else in January here in Austin, TX. The markup from 2013 is about $200 to $500 more. Yamaha actually mentions on their website that there is a premium on the red one. The wheels have a red stripe on them too...
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    Will plasti-dip screw up my decals?

    decals and chrome. --I would take the decals off. I guess you should think of plastidipping as paint. If the paint doesn't stick to your decals you're gonna have some ugly bubbles and peeling where the decals are. Are you thinking of painting around the decals? I wouldn't try that. I...
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    Rear tire hugger?

    rear tire huggers --That looks great. How much did you pay? What is a good price for that set? Is puig the only one that makes a rear tire hugger for our bikes? ~p
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    comfy-er seats

    2 options --Thanks Leem, yeah Tony has a nice custom setup. Another person sent their seat in this place. to keep their factory look. A lotta ppl have said that the Yamaha "comfort gel" seat isn't really worth the duckets. For $200 you can get a nice...
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    Motorcycle Pants

    x-element pants --I love these riding pants. Went out on a sunday for a short 40 mile ride and it was super comfortable. Just enough air comes through the stretchy black part to keep you cool but not frozen. The denim is super thick and the knee pads line up with my knees perfectly when...
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    comfy-er seats

    --Hey everyone, does anyone have a Saddlemen's seat? I'm interested in their Sport and Tech seat but the don't offer a FZ6R seat. Only R1 and R6. Are any of those compatible with a 2013/2014 FZ6R? Have a look. Aftermarket Motorcycle Seats for Sport Bikes, Tech Style Aftermarket...
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    T Rex Frame Sliders Review

    the mystery of the ever changing sliders --Hey latony, I think your sliders are the nicer design too, but I don't think anything is wrong with them. The new system is pretty much the same under the covers. A big giant screw is bolted to the no cut plates. And that giant screw goes inside of...
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    T Rex Frame Sliders Review

    puck me --Yep they just changed them out at the end of 2013. I think they use the same plates and same type of thick screw in connector to the polymer piece. I chose them over the shoguns because they were cheaper, had free shipping, and were made in Texas. I would've loved the...
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    any riders in TX?

    512 Represent! How is that club txjames? Looking for mellow riders. Under triple digits please. I'm too old to pull my buddies out of ditches all weekend. =) ~p
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    Motorcycle Pants

    leatherup xelement pants --I picked up a pair of icon recon pants years ago and really liked them except they only go up to a waist of 40 and I've been growing sideways since I was 28. But I found these recently from Xelement Men's Classic Fit Denim Motorcycle Racing Pants -...
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    T Rex Frame Sliders Review

    the new new version --Yep I bought them direct from T-rex and they wrote back and said that these were the new models. The old ones had writing out the outside of the puck and these ones use a center cap with writing instead. But these new ones also have the new screw in core so the bolt...
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    T Rex Frame Sliders Review

    2014 t-rex sliders Just picked up a set and they're back to a different type of hockey pucks. they come with t-rex caps and are hollow, but the puck screws into a set of large threaded polymer screws that are bolted to the 1/2 inch plates with a M10x50mm bolts.