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    My speedometer rattles! Help!

    I used double sided tape a few years ago and it's worked fine ever since. If you do it right you can't even notice it.
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    What is your favorite BEER!?

    Lagunitas Lucky 13!!!
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    What Not To Wear (while riding)

    Pretty sure this guy has a buddy with a matching White 675R who wiped out last weekend too (8 days ago) . Probably from doing something stupid like this.
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    WTB Rear Rim

    I ended up denting my rim in my crash and now I need a new one.
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    Motorcycle Pictures... Post All Your Pics Here

    Thanks for the tip Jon! I noticed that as well but wasn't sure if it was due to the "Standard" geometry of the bike or not. Definitely something to work on in the future. I purchased Pilot Road 2's late last year because I was commuting up to Anaheim every so often and mostly cruising...
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    Motorcycle Pictures... Post All Your Pics Here

    Palomar Mountain Fun Took the bike up to Palomar Moutain for the 3rd weekend in a row on Sunday. 3 weekends ago I was one of those idiots in jeans pushing way to hard, but then I wised up a bit and got some leathers (albeit cheap ones) and decided to ease off a bit. I'm a work in...
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    Evo X & FZ6R run.

    private.... :(
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    you guys would be surprised at how easy it is to make a typo like that. As someone who oversees our (the company i work for) email campaigns you get a sense for how easy it is to screw up. You can have anywhere from 1-4 people involved in setting up a single email campaign. The guy creating...
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    Any thoughts on a bigger rear tire

    It could also be the fact that they're better tires than stock, so they would have felt better regardless of if they're 160 or 180.
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    Cool beer I found

    Great beer indeed! Stone brewing company is about 20 minutes from where I live here in SD. It's an awesome brewery and a great place to kick back, have some drinks and relax. If you're an IPA man, I invite you to check out their Ruination IPA. It's delicious. Stone Ruination IPA
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    Motorcyclist gets neck sliced by string.

    The strings on a stunt kite are sharp enough to cut skin by themselves. Hell, they can cut other stunt kites strings very easily . No glass needed.
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    Magic Bubbles!

    pretty damn entertaining
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    Dropped it hard

    $9800 in damages? The bike isn't even worth that much brand new!
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    What Not To Wear (while riding)

    No preaching out of me. Just a simple question which seemed to strike a chord. Yes I speed. Yes I wear gear and yes I believe well over 50% of riders would attempt to put their hands down during a high-side or low side. This is why my question was directed to those who wear jackets, yet...
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    What Not To Wear (while riding)

    Thanks for giving me your take on it. I don't preach gear, as far as i'm concerned Darwinism will run its course. Regardless of someone doing the speed limit or not, if you are wearing a jacket, why aren't you wearing gloves. It seems silly to me - if you fall you're naturally going to put your...