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    Plasti-dip windscreen?!

    I have done exactly that. Just taped off the front with blue painters tape to avoid over spray and made a bunch of light coats. Turned out great and has been holding up for almost a year no problems. Used less than one can of plastidip.
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    Tire question

    Thanks Guys, i did have it towed home as it was almost 11 at night on a Sunday. I will have to check the manual for the rear wheel i know i have to tools to do it just never attempted it. I plan on getting some sort of patch kit to keep under the seat for the future. Has anybody tried the...
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    Tire question

    So long story short, i got a flat rear tire the other night at about 70 mph. After some crazy sliding from the rear end and some violent shaking i managed to keep it upright and over to the shoulder. Found a small screw in the center of the tread. I want to replace the tire instead of...
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    FS: Shoei RF-1200

    $300 shipped.
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    FS: Shoei RF-1200

    Shoei RF-1200 bought new from Revzilla for $437 a few months ago. Worn for 5 hours tops; never liked the way it fit me. Still looks and smells brand new. Never dropped, no scratches. Comes with all original packaging including a clear pin lock insert. Color is matte black size is 2xl, but...
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    Rider Insurance Policy Change

    Another update; shopped around and went with progressive at $382 a year for same coverage. Even cheaper than Rider was originally.
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    Tire pressure

    Clutch side of swing arm has tire pressure chart.
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    What Chain Lube Do You Use?

    Motul - use their cleaner and lubricant.
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    Rider Insurance Policy Change

    Got my reclassification letter in the mail about a week ago. Policy renewal came yesterday; went from a little over $400 a year to $1182 a year. See ya Rider.
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    What do you do for a living?

    Process Engineer for a wire and cable manufacturer. We make low and high voltage cables for the pyrotechnic and mining industries.
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    What I saw this weekend!

    Ebay motors uses an FZ6R as the picture above the sportbike section as well.