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  • you can now find body shop quality in spray cans... you just have to find them.

    My uncle owns a body shop so My aunt hooks it up from their suppliers but im sure if you google it you will find something
    Hey. Palomar is my least favorite road. I'm to the point I will not ride there anymore. I had 2 people go down in front of me last time I was up there. All from guys thinking they "should" be faster than me because they're on faster bikes and pushing way too hard. I like to get some lean on and get spirited. But I know my limits. Most of the guys up there don't. 94 can be the same way depending on the time of day. If you head out early on a weekend you'll hit very little traffic and not a ton of bikes. And the ones you do see usually are the better, smarter riders (like me! lol) When you get out there at 11:00 or noon, that's when you get the big groups and squids out there riding beyond their abilities.

    If you're going to Paly, try to avoid Weekends anywhere from 8:30 to noon. They call it PIR (Palomar International Raceway) for a reason. And it's not a good one. I've been there when there's 40 or 50 bikes parked at the bottom and another 40 at the top. Not worth it.

    Ride safe.
    it is supposed to reduce restriction and improve performance although I don't think it will do much if anything to MPG. theoretically it should improve but I don't think you will see the dif. as far as the shavings. either you completely remove the entire box and re install after or just make sure the shaving are not anywhere near the 4 cylinder inlets. look up the thread on the forum before you get too far
    hey man talk to Chad with aka rabbitman. he did mine he can give you a qoute
    Yamaha FZ6R Forums - International FZ6R / XJ6 Motorcycle Community Forum - View Profile: Rabbitman109
    Hey man thanks for some ideas.
    I have done a few mods myself
    -HID lights
    -LED lights all around the engine and tires
    -Werkes exhaust
    -Motodynamic integrated let light
    -eliminator kit
    -Flush mounts (I am going to change to proton)

    So if you don't mind me asking I looked at your HID's on your bike your have like a front cover for them how did you come across that I still have the stock inserts. I have seen a few bikes with that insert just can never find it.
    Hey bro thanks.... lets see Ive done so much ill try not to leave stuff out.
    and a lot of it is cosmetic.

    exhaust along with pc5 (power commander 5)
    opened up air box. (I have a how to vid of this on youtube and a thread on here)
    upgraded windscreen
    new mirros
    fendor elimintaor
    added a ton of LED's (I have a thread on that)
    upgraded shorty levers
    Stainles steel brake lines
    tire hugger
    custom seat covers and gel pad insert painted stuff all over the place
    upgraded grips.
    upgraded headlight to HID's
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