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    New member welcome thread

    Welcome! I grew up in your neck of the woods around New Castle. This forum has many friendly, knowledgeable enthusiasts and is a great source of information. I admit I haven't visited here much since purchasing my Daytona 675R last fall. I still have my FZ6R (for the time being) and...
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    Choosing a Track Bike vs a Show Pony

    I’m finding myself in a similar situation to you. Two people from a group I ride with and myself each did our first track day ever last month. All 3 of us enjoyed it and plan on attending more in the future. This got us talking about possibly picking up track bikes. One already owns a CBR...
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    Rider Down.

    I'm sorry to hear about this, but I am glad you are still here to share your story. It's a stark reminder of what can happen to any of us and why personal safety should be paramount. I have seen the consequences of non-ATGATT behavior firsthand when my squidy brother crashed his R6 several...
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    Marthy Exhaust Group

    By the way, I completely forgot to post this, but after I installed your exhaust in the spring, I wondered how it actually sounded to everyone else. Sure, there are YouTube videos, but that's not the same (and I have a different can.) A little later when my inspection was due, I heard the guy...
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    Ravens on the Track?

    Thanks for the responses, everyone! One of the people I'm going with (who has done dozens of track days) pretty much said the same thing so I'm keeping the tires and changing the pads. If this ends up being something I enjoy and want to do more often, then I will more closely look at tire...
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    Ravens on the Track?

    So there’s a 70% chance I’ll be attending my first track day in the near future and wanted to get a couple opinions on my tires. I’m currently running Shinko 009 Ravens with 2500 +/- miles on them. Most of my riding is commuting, which is why I chose them, and I am aware they are not designed...
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    Hello new member here

    I also live in PA, albeit the western side. Welcome to the site. There is a massive amount of information and ideas here... prepare to spend hours reading it, haha! :D
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    Marthy Exhaust Group

    Finally got around to installing the PCV last weekend and managed to sneak a quick ride in. Let's just say that between the exhaust/PCV and the new tires, it kinda feels like I'm riding a whole new machine! Still a close fit with the install though... I can slide a folded up piece of paper...
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    Marthy Exhaust Group

    Thanks for the responses, and Martin for your texts. I had to quickly get ready for a dinner/fundraiser yesterday so I didn't have time to respond here. Even with the can at a bit of an angle it was still touching the swingarm and turning any further sideways was causing it touch the tire. I...
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    Marthy Exhaust Group

    So for those of you who are using the Delkevic can, how close of a fit did it end up being for you? The clearance between the can and my rear tire is big enough only for my pinky finger to fit between and the bottom of the can actually touches the swingarm and will not move downward. Thoughts?
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    Marthy Exhaust Group

    Got my exhaust back Wednesday! Thanks Marthy! Went to reinstall it that night after work and one of the gaskets fell out and completely vanished. Didn't see it bounce or roll, but tore up the whole garage looking for it anyways to no avail. Thought it fell backwards and possibly got caught...
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    Marthy Exhaust Group

    That was quick, thank you! Looking forward to the finished product! :D
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    Marthy Exhaust Group

    Take your time. It just snowed another 6" last night and I work the next 8 days so I'm in no rush.
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    Rider Insurance FTW!!

    At least yours was only 100%. Mine went from a steal at $290 to a mind-blowing $690 for 100/300/50 w/ full coverage and a $500 deductible. They weren't exactly very nice when I called, either. (Which was a drastic change compared to my previous interactions with them.) So I just let my money...
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    What's In Your Garage?

    2011 Subaru Outback 3.6R It's blue, but currently white with salt (expected) and seagull $4!+ (courtesy of a migrating group of birds hanging out at my work parking lot since people won't stop feeding them :mad: ) The FZ6R, currently on the stands with new tires, but sans fairings and...