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    new tires

    I read mostly user reviews on Revzilla etc. but that's a nice link! thank you!
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    new tires

    just bought a 170/60/17 bridgestone BT016 AND 120/70/17 Bridgestone S20 as a replacement for my stock tires. let's see if there's any different from the stock BT021 on 160s. 16500KM on the stock tires with 70% highways/city, and rest mostly on off-ramps. planning my first track day...
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    How to take corners more effectively?

    this video I shot few months back on my fz6r, the bike can turn nicely around the ramps safely with some speed. getting yourself ready before the turn and position is important. sometimes I push the bike to my own limits and I can go around at ~125-130km/h (~75mph?) comfortably, so you are good...
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    finally got my set of shogun frame sliders installed, it took a lot longer than i expected, now i have to get use to the "new" look, not really a fan of something sticking out of my bike.
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    too big of bend and angle up too much but that's just me, if I go for a custom job like that, It would have to be similar to this <see pic>.
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    New FZ6R owner from Toronto, Canada

    nice, congrats! from Calgary here, I upgraded from a 2011 cbr250r to a 2009 fz6r too, enjoy the bike, ride safe!
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    bike shut-off

    totally forgot about this post. yeah I have no idea what that was either and the bike runs fine since then so it might be one of those "problem" that show up once and never come back again...hopefully:p.
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    Sadly I have traded in the FZ

    nice blue, nice bike, congrats! I'd pick the R3 out of all 3 too (ninja/cbr/r3)
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    bike shut-off

    yesterday, my bike stalled/shut-off while I was clutching in from 2nd to 1st during a short around the block ride with my kid. here's a short video clip. it seems to fire up and run no problem today, I've never encounter that problem in my ~8000km...
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    Proud new owner of white 2012 FZ6R from SoCal

    congrats Ade!!! i really like the white/red combo, and best of luck on your skill test! did last owner painted the frame bars black? all the white fz6r's that i have seem have red bars... which looks even more better imo. ride safe.
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    walkaround and exhaust note

    that looks and sounds nice. but i can't justify spending $1300 (two bro + commander) on an exhaust mod for the fz6r lol. i like my $70 mod better.
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    Turning the bike around in garage?

    I've been doing that ever since i have my fz6r (10months)... i did that on my cbr250 too. kickstand seems fine, only damage I've seem is my concrete floor so far. just have to do it right and life would be much easier inside the garage :D
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    one of my fav road

    just wanted to share a road with you. it's a 1 hour round trip back road that's nice and close to where i live. have a nice day.
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    walkaround and exhaust note

    i tell people that too, sirens from a fire truck is way louder and yet people don't GTFO so yeah, i agree with you on that 100%. and i didn't modified my exhaust to be "loud". i wanted a nice sound .... a proper "sport bike" sound for myself that's closer to what i heard on those race bikes...
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    walkaround and exhaust note

    i know a local fz6r rider, he did the same exhaust mod too. but our bikes sounds different. his bike is more "loud", mine is more well... what you are hearing in the video. initially i wanted the same thing done, but i am "weird", i wanted to try things out, i was thinking.. my car exhaust...