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    Recommended Gear For Motorcycle

    Two-piece suit will solve that. Many tracks accept these as long as they are fully attached by the 360 zipper.
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    Dirt Road Custom seat review

    I'm wondering how much of that red piping will be felt after a few hours on the bike? :spank:
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    First bike questions

    IMO - cheaper to buy in the late fall/winter (isn't it a Winter by October in MN?) and pricier in the spring.
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    2009 new FZ6R still around!

    That is what I paid for mine a couple months ago. Total out of the door $7200 :D
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    First bike questions

    Obvious vote for a full faired bike - FZ6R.
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    Extended Warranty question

    I did not buy the extended warranty. IMO I don't see the need. It's a YAMAHA not the Harley [emoji12]
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    new bar installed

    Have you tried the full turn? Does anything hit the tank?
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    Sport bike, or Supersport? Which one suits you?

    31 is short inseam?! I am 6 feet and have 32 inseam. Never considered that short. Guess what inseam all these MotoGP stars have with their height of 5.6 to 5.8 feet?
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    CycleWorld - FZ6R gets Honorable Mention

    I'm about 6 feet tall and the ergos of the FZ seem to be excellent
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    Leftover 2013 FZ6R's

    Or you could have been riding since 2 years ago...
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    Is it lowered? Looks like very little ground clearance
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    Leftover 2013 FZ6R's

    F#ck that buzzy milkshaker. You did well with FZ6R.
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    Pristine 2013 Yamaha FZ6R - 4,900 Miles - $5700 OBO (Phoenix AZ)

    In fact I already switched the insurance from FZ6R to FZ1 and the diff is about $60 more
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    Pristine 2013 Yamaha FZ6R - 4,900 Miles - $5700 OBO (Phoenix AZ)

    The N1000 is rated as a SS and FZ1 is a sport tourer by the insurance underwriters. Add the cc into consideration and get more than double for the same coverages from several companies i asked for a quote
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    FS: 2012 FZ6R 995 miles

    rather the reason for buying....