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Thread: Vibration at 6000RPM

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    Default Vibration at 6000RPM

    Hey Everyone

    My FZ6R seems to be in good shape, its my first FZ and have owned it for about 5 months. Ever since I'v had it its has a vibration from 6000 up. It revs right though to redline with no worries but it just develops a small vibration at 6000 and remains constant through the rest of the rev range. The vibration is there while riding and just free revving. It does not make a noise or get worse while the revs get higher, this may be normal the for FZ6R motor but I just want to nip it in the butt if there is an issue.

    Can anyone please offer some wisdom.

    Thanks everyone.

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    The Fizzer is a very smooth bike, but some vibration is always going to be there. If you are feeling it mostly in the handlebars, not in the footpegs or seat, a good trick is to fill the handlebars with steel BB's. Remove the right side bar end weight (it unscrews) and turn the bars full left, to bring the right end of the bar to its highest position. Pour the BB's inside until it is full.
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    That's sounds about right, its just a part of the XJ/FZ's "character". Any write up on the bike you will find some mention of vibration around 6k. It tends to drop off a little around 8k i find

    That being said, still do your standard maintainance, check everything is properly secure etc.

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    Heavy bar ends and fat grip did help a lot for me. The grips need some trimming a bit with a good razor blade, kind of a 10 min thing.


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