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Thread: Returning Member - Need feedback on Flashing ECU & Fuel Map

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    Default Returning Member - Need feedback on Flashing ECU & Fuel Map

    Feels like I'm at an AA Meeting. Hello my name is Clayton, I'm a returning member and I'm obsessed with making sure my MC is Tuned correctly.

    This is my dilemma: I recently swapped my FZ6R stock exhaust with a Delkevic Full System Exhaust with a 8" can. Decided to continue using my stock air filter. My goal with the exhaust swap was primarily for a better exhaust note. Some say I should be good to go "as-is" and other say I need a Fuel Controller. Needless to say, I've been doing my homework and even spoke to a Dynojet Tech on the issue. His suggestion was to get it on the Dyno first to see how it is running before investing in a PC. He actually told me that he preferred Flashing the ECU, especially for Riders like myself who's main concern is that the MC is tuned correctly.

    So, I said all that to say this: Has any FZ6R owners Flashed their ECU or have a PC FZ6R Fuel Map for the Delkevic Full System Exhaust? The Dynojet PC does not have one for the FZ6R and I've heard complaints about the Two Brother Map, especially from those Riders that DO NOT have the TB full system exhaust. Appreciate any feedback on my question. Thanks
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