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Thread: Passenger Seat Stuck

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    Default Passenger Seat Stuck

    Hey Guys,
    I had to buy a new set of allan/hex keys when I was visiting my parents and because I had no other place to put it, it put it inside the passenger seat along with the toolkit. Stupid decision. I went to take it out when I got home only to realize that the seat latch is now stuck. I've tried pushing it down, pulling it up, moving from side to side while turning the key, and none of this works. The key only turns a very little bit. I'd love any suggestions people have.....

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    I had this problem once before and it was cause the lock cable broke. I used a long small flat head and maneuvered it under the rear seat to release the lock it really isnít hard.

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    I've had it stick a few times. I've since been more careful about what all I put under there. I managed to open it by turning the key while whaling my fist on the front of the seat. The latch sits just about where the forward hump starts.
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