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Thread: Velocity stacks question please help

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    Default Velocity stacks question please help

    So I opened my air box and the previous owner had cut the two tall stacks to the same height as the two short ones.

    Is this okay or do I need to get new stacks before riding it again?
    I donít want to cause anymore damage if itís not okay

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    Cheap mtrfkr LOL

    Part of my "airbox mod" was to use 4 short stacks, not to cut the middle ones to save $35.00! LOL Here a link if you want to either replace them with oems or get 2 short ones.


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    Awesome thanks Marthy I will be buying these to replace them.

    I want to kick the guy that owned this bike before me

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    I have been running with Delkevic Marthy style exhaust, PC5, cut open airbox with all short stock Velocity Stacks for about 4,000 miles now. I believe with my set-up the airbox mods and short stacks enhance top end a bit. I bought a used airbox on E-bay super cheap, so I can play with Velocity Stack set-up. I was going to try all long stacks, but my bike runs so darn strong now, I do not want to change anything.

    The only downside is fairly loud intake howl at WOT.
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