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Thread: Throttle Restriction

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    Red face Throttle Restriction

    Hi I am a new member and I am from Sumner Washington.
    I am hoping someone could shed some light on how to remove the throttle restriction on my 2009 FZ6R. Thank you!

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    I didn't think any of the American models had the throttle restriction.
    If you twist the throttle more than about a quarter turn, then you have no restriction.

    On the other hand if it is there, you need to take the fairings off the left hand side of the bike. Find the plate that restricts the throttle movement. It's pretty easy to find. Pull it out and cut off the tab that restricts the movement. Alternatively replace it with a premade plate that you can find on ebay.

    full instructions are in this thread.

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    None of the North American models are restricted. It's mostly Aussie and a select few European models that have throttle restrictors to satisfy their graduated motorcycle system.

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