Hello this is my first post to the forum, as a new(to me/first bike) fz6r owner that dove straight into the modding frenzy i figured that this is the best way to introduce myself . So here is my question. I am considering Woodcraft clipons but i like the adjustability of the Apex clipons price wise there pretty far apart to justify the adjustability , then tonight i find out that Danmoto makes an adjustable set of clipons very similar in style to the Apex for around $100. So i was curious if anyone had any experience running these on a fz6r and if its a good idea?


i also found them on amazon.

And a completely different question. Since i already purchased a Power Commander FC would i be able to hook up a speed sensor cable to run some of Marthy's more versatile maps or is that only available with the PC V? (i already installed my 2Bros titanium system this weekend after my first 15 minute testride, I decided that She was too quiet after almost getting merged into twice on that short ride)