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Thread: Checking in, new girl on the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by BA Worx View Post
    Just a quick update:


    Track riding may become and addiction, so beware. There's nowhere safer to ride your bike. I had my first TD back in May in Georgia and I'm hooked. My wife is going with me in August again and we're getting her gear acquired and ready. Find a control rider and get them to get eyes on you as much as you can. They'll be a tremendous help and will give you pointers as well as encouragement.

    Went to Road Atlanta last weekend to help "pit crew" for a couple friends and saw an FZ6R. The kid was riding at a good pace in his group, but he was barely moving on the bike. Lead the bike under you and let it flow smoothly and loosely. Touching down a knee isnt a goal - its a result. I didnt get mine down on the first day, although I was using just about all of the tire. That tells me I need to be off the bike a little more, carrying more speed, and trusting the bike more.

    Good luck!

    Attached track proof below
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    GREAT JOB Sara!

    Quote Originally Posted by BA Worx View Post
    Just a quick update:

    Been riding the bike just about every day I can. It has become my primary mode of transportation unless I am running errands. About 4 months and change into owning it and I've got a hair over 3000 miles on it. Can't say enough about how fun this bike is ( I mean, omg clip-ons). Sure, something a little faster would be nice. I am already eyeing my next bike, but that won't be anytime soon. Or maybe it will. Lol, we will see.

    Along with miles come maintenance and mods and there has been a little of each. Fluids and filters were changed the first weekend and checked daily in my pre-ride inspection. Chain and tires, sprockets, bulbs and the list goes on. Changed the exhaust, clips-ons, paint and a few other little "tweaks" to make it my own.

    Next modification, and something the bike desperately needs, is the "rider mod" so to speak. Although I have put some decent miles on the bike, my abilities still pale in comparison to abilities of the bike. I have ordered a track suit (and back protector, and armored shorts ...)and looking for the last few things to be "ready" for a day at the track. The goal is not to drag a knee, but learn to connect with the bike and make it an extension of myself. Learn how to really use throttle control, and shifting my weight, to control the momentum and speed of the bike. In all the miles I've been on it, those are the moments I truly love.

    For now, here are a few pictures of how it started and where it is at currently.

    Attachment 40031
    First day in the garage

    Attachment 40032
    2 months and 1200 miles later

    Attachment 40033
    Attachment 40034
    Present day. I like to say it's "mostly stock"....
    '12 Raven/DS70/PC/Block offs/Cut air box short v-stacks/Timing adv/-1 frt sprocket/Metzeler M7RR's/90o stems/spools/sliders/GD opener/Acc-USB plugs/Volt meter/Jewel switch/Phone mount/LEDs: Amber Jewel/Headlight/Smoke tail & flush frt & pod sig-DLR/underseat red sig-brake/DMP fender eliminator/Lithium battery/Puig touring screen/Grip Puppies/Seat 1.5" higher/Rox 1" up & back risers/Gear Indicator/KTM tail pack/M1 alarm/CC/Tank Pads/SS BL/3 back surgeries/Old fart balls of steel/Happy to be here.

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    I missed your first post but welcome to the forum...there is a facebook group too..

    That being said there used to be quite a few of us in the area... and we did meet to go riding semi frequently...not so much any more...

    I don't know if you have been down to brown county yet but there are plenty of technical surface roads to start track prep on down there...

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