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Thread: 15T front sprocket; Chain alignment tool; Wow... need a new riding position!

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    Default 15T front sprocket; Chain alignment tool; Wow... need a new riding position!

    Ok, I have several posts documenting my mods. The power mods have been Marthy style Delkevic DS70 can with DBK, PC5 running Adv Gear Rev B map, with Accell Pump set to 45/30/10, fully cut airbox, and +3 or 4 degree timing advance. The results have been stellar. Loud, but stellar.

    Just finished installing a new Driven 15T front sprocket. That's -1 tooth from stock. I won't go through the install in detail because that is well documented. All I'll add is you are supposed to replace the nut with a new one when doing this per the manual. This is due to the edge of the nut having a slight flange that is peened with a drift into a notch on the shaft as an anti-loosening method. Normally I do things by the book. I did use the old one this time due to bad planning on my part, and, when you retighten, all you have to do is start the nut in a different place on the shaft and the area you peen is fresh. As long as you are not peening the same spot, I don't think using the old nut matters. Your results may vary.

    The job is straight forward and relatively easy. I cleaned and lubed my chain at the same time, cleaning the gunk that accumulates under the front sprocket cover. Because the new sprocket is smaller, the alignment you have previously is useless to go back to, the chain will be far to loose.

    This was the first time I used the chain alignment tool that my son bought. Cool little gizmo: see pic. Easy peasy. I am assuming getting that right assures the entire wheel is in alignment. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    The sprocket change will save you a little less than an ounce...w00 w00, just dont eat that cheeseburger for lunch. In theory it is noisier without the rubber insert on the OEM one. Who knows, my bike is so loud I couldn't tell. I am actually now thinking all that rubber is a dampner, making it a bit smoother? Not sure.

    Riding... well hold on folks! Martin and I were talking about my mods. From his experience and dyno results on other bikes he estimated I probably have 8-10 HP gain from stock 65HP: maybe up to 75HP, or a bit less. With associated weight savings I've done with Lithium Phosphate battery, fender eliminator, De-catting which was a serious boat anchor compared to my under 3lbs Delkevic can, my ol' butt dyno "feels like" a 20% improvement for sure.

    I have become very used to riding it this way. I changed the seating position on my bike because I'm 6'3". So I have a more upright seating position than a lot of FZ6R riders I assume. I have also had 3 back surgeries, so clip-on like leaned over is not in the cards for me. Previously my riding style had been comfy riding position, roll on 1st pretty hard without absolutely twisting the throttle as fast as I could. The front wheel gets light, maybe raises up a very small amount, then 2nd gear and so on. Since my other mods it is very lively and fun, smooth and repeatable, with the kind of adrenaline rush I like, but in control (mostly, LOL).

    The first 45 min or so on the bike after the sprocket I was looking at the tach, speedo and gps speed a lot, which I normally never do hardly at all when riding. I was checking the calibration change in speed and also odometer for mileage checks. This was not much fun. Easy to run into a tree. I did notice more perceived torque cruising in 6th or 5th. Not so much need to downshift as before.

    I got complacent, pulled out of a country intersection, 90 degrees onto a straight, and a little aggressively rolled on the throttle in 1st.... Out of control wheelie time! Weeeeee.... and scary because I wasn't expecting it. So I calmed down and started enjoying the bike looking at the road not the gauges. Came to another stop, but this time making a 90 degree turn onto a busy road. I waited a while for traffic, but eventually needed to accelerate pretty hard if I was ever going to get into the the line of cars going 50 MPH. So I moved my butt up. I was balls-to-tank, pulled out and hit 1st. Not good. Stupid high wheelie, over correct, came down hard enough to make my arthritic elbows hurt, miss 2nd, embarrass myself and go home. I rest for a half hour, a little bummed my first ride was, er, eventful.

    My son was home then and took my bike for a ride. He came back, high 5'd me and said, "Congrats pops, you finally achieved your goal, the bike is fast and really fun now!". So I explained my experience. He said don't so much slide your butt forward, but move your head & chest down closer to the tank.

    So I then go for a short ride, that turned into a 2 hr country road romp. I frequently arch my back when cruising just to stretch. Sometimes I'll even ride that way for a while. The adjustment I made to my riding style is to do that arch and lean down over the tank in first & second, then just go back to my normal comfy seating position (for me). WOW! The bike just flies. With upper body weight more over the bike it still lifts the front wheel a bit, but in a more controlled fashion. The bike feels MUCH quicker, way more throttle input sensitive, which, like seating position takes a little getting used to.

    For those reading this that think I'm a dumb-*** or noob for not knowing this riding style, well, 3 mths ago it had been over 33 years since I rode a bike. Back then I had a 1972 Triumph 650 Bonneville, jetted with open TT pipes. Bike riding, like a lot of things in life if you live long enough, is a diminishing skill if you don't practice it. I'm getting there!

    I was a bit concerned that I would not like higher cruising revs with this change. I think it's hardly noticeable in practice, however. Highly recommend. I was going to go without a speedohealer, but it's a PIA to calculate the difference speed corrections in your head with a State Trooper following you. I just ordered a SpeedoDRD Y1 Speedometer Calibrator because it's smaller (I have little room under my seat with the PC5 & alarm), and it was $70 vs over $100 for the Healer.

    The only thing I have left now is to try all short velocity stacks vs all Long. I just don't buy that two long and two short makes sense with the airbox cut open like I have it. Maybe someday I'll do cams. Not anytime soon. Loving' the way she is now!
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