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Thread: Wiring fun: LED's, Alarm System, garage opener, flush mount gear indicator

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    5 month Alarm update. After living with this alarm for a while, and quieting it's incessant chirps EVERYTIME you shut of the bike, set the alarm... and on and on; the damn thing chirps all the time it seems (as it was designed, I just don't like that part of the design), I finally had enough. I pulled the siren out.

    I found I was running it in "silent" mode 98% of the time anyway, where only the lights flashing and ignition cut is activated. It's too bad in that mode it still audibly chirps for this, that and every other factory setting reasons (that as far as I know you can't change).

    So now, when I set the alarm I get a light flash. When I turn the bike off I get 3 light flashes and a key fob tune and buzz, reminding me to set it when leaving. If you mess with it, bump into it or try to start it with the key but without disarming, it either does short light flash or it flashes it's butt off while buzzing the key fob and playing it's quiet key fob song... and the fob tells me if it's a motion or other trigger setting it off.

    If you live in an apartment a "silent"alarm may not be what you need. For me I wanted the remote Key Fob warning more than anything else. I thought I could live with the chirps, but in the end could not... and neither could my riding buddies!
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