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Thread: Is ENGINE ICE for our coolant?

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    Default Is ENGINE ICE for our coolant?

    Helloo folks,

    Recently low sided and punctured my radiator. Preparing to swap it out for a used one i got off of ebay. What coolant do you guys use or recommend? I did some research online for about an hour and decided to go with ENGINE ICE.

    I read the service manual and it recommends Ethylene glycol antifreeze. ENGINE ICE is Propylene glycol. Though I don't think it matters that it's different. I just need to make sure I clean out the old system with distilled water a couple of times before putting in the other coolant.

    Anyone have any thoughts on that? Also what do you use and why?

    Thanks in advance for the replies,

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    I read a bunch of stuff from the forums and online. You can use regular anti-freeze that you use on most cars. You can also spend more money and get Engine Ice. I bought cheap ethylene glycol type anti-freeze from Walmart. I flushed my coolant system with distilled water and filled it with premixed anti-freeze back in October. Not a problem at all.

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    If you plan on doing track days, I think you'll need to read the track day organizer's guidelines as they may not permit engine ice.

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    I'm using Engine Ice in my 2009 FZ6R. Its been in there just over a year and been doing great. I'm in a hotter climate, so I appreciate the extra cooling. Like others have posted, I flushed my system with distilled water, before putting in the Engine Ice. I also pumped out, flushed (with distilled water) and cleaned the little overflow bottle, before filling it with Engine Ice, as well.
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    I've been running Engine Ice in mine for about 5 years now with no problems. Being propylene glycol based, it's not as good an anti-freeze as ethylene glycol, but it's not nearly as toxic. Straight distilled water has the best cooling but has a freeze point of 32F as we are all aware. A 50/50 mix with propylene glycol should freeze at -29F; a 50/50 mix with ethylene glycol should freeze at -36F.

    They have differences, but in the small amount our bikes circulate, it's not worth getting into the physics of each fluid.

    The important thing, if you're using car formulated coolant, make sure it's good for aluminum engines. Some have additives that don't react well to aluminum.

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