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Ok now how do I go about getting Marthy's maps? I am doing the block of plates, k & n air filter, and this exhaust. Should be close enough I would think?
You can find a few on his website, just search Marthy Exhaust. If you forum message me your e-mail address I will send you the map Martin sent me as we were going through all this recently. It is a gear specific map. You HAVE too have the speed sensor wire tapped to your Power Commander. It's a very nice map that he spent a lot of time on. After trying several I wouldn't bother with any other ones. It's VERY strong in all gears, with slightly leaner settings in 4-6th gear for decent combined mileage. With my exhaust, block off plates and airbox cut completely open at the bottom front, with mostly spirited riding, I average between 38.7 mpg - 41.8 MPG, which is fine by me given my performance and safe running tune.

If you have not played with it, the Power Commander has an accelerator pump feature that gives it a brief shot of fuel under specific delta throttle twist that you set. You set 3 things, that, the duration and amount of fuel to add. Be very careful reading online posts about it though. DynoJet made a change between the the PC5 and the previous version, and they revised how to set this feature!!!!

Most of the on-line stuff including Martin's post are something like 75/30/15... meaning 75 is throttle sensitivity, i.e., how fast you twist the throttle to activate the feature. 30 is the duration and 15 is the percent fuel increase. This is from Chris at Dynojet a few weeks ago: " With PC3USB (the older version), a HIGHER first value will make the adjustment more sensitive to throttle movement, whereas with PC5 a LOWER value will make the adjustment more sensitive to throttle movement." I accused him of making my life difficult right before thanking him!

Mine is currently set at 45/30/10, after trying several settings. There is also nice feature where you can twist the throttle at various speed to "capture" the first value. 45 works for me because if I make it any lower (more sensitive), it activates when I blip downshifts, which only wastes fuel.

Unless you already bought the K&N, or just personally like the brand, and/or your current filter is dirty, a K&N will not do much of anything on these bikes except lighten your wallet. You need to one way or another cut the snokus shorter, drill holes in the bottom of it, or cut the entire bottom of the intake, which is what I did. It howls at high rpm, but so does my exhaust. I recommend doing that and get a decent quality air filter at less cost than the K&N. If you like K&N they are good filters IMO, just an expensive add that will not improve power on your uncut stock airbox. Just my two cents!

Message me your e-mail and I am happy to send you Martin's map. You will love it. Send him a message to thank him!