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Thread: Mirror Bolt Covers

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    Default Mirror Bolt Covers


    I removed the hideous stock mirrors from my bike and wanted to know if there was a cover for the stock holes where they went. I will be installing bar end mirrors and want those holes covered. I can cover them with electrical tape for now.

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    You're probably not going to find anything specific to the FZ6R. Try looking for something that fits the mirror mounting holes. Some R1 R6 and even some Kawasaki mirrors fit the 6R so I would start looking there. See which bike's mirror fits then find block offs for those mirrors.

    I personally hate the stock mirrors as well. I also don't like bar end mirrors. If I change out the stock mirrors for another bike mirror I won't be able to I'm stuck with stock.

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    05-08 zx6r mirrors fit perfect. Try finding covers for that bike. Might work.

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