I'm going to be beginning converting my ride over this winter after I move to New York.

I have some great ideas about what I want to do and where I want to go with my ride.

After my initial work this winter before riding season begins, I'm going with a budget naked conversion on the bike.

Once I'm done with that I plan to add other touches to get it the way I want it after that.

I do need some help being pointed in the right direction with three big things. I have a thing for the classic looking bikes. The Classic styled British bikes are tops for me. But, I love my FZ6R to much and owe to much on it to look for a classic bike to begin my collection with a second bike at the moment.

First: I've been looking for some new wheels. I'm looking for a set of Chrome Laced wheels. I'm thinking that, in theory, this should be very doable. I just need someone to point me in the right direction for a good quality set that will fit the bike. A low price is a plus, not exactly a requirement. Function is a big priority.

Second: I've also been looking for a classic looking instrument cluster to replace the Factory Cluster. However, I like all the information the Factory Cluster provides and I would like to find a Classic looking cluster that would give the same readouts. If I can find one that includes what gear I'm in with little additional work that would be another plus.

Third: This is probably the most difficult or impossible one. Going with the Classic look I'm going for, I would also like to see if I could find a Classic styled tank that will fit the bike. Perhaps something you might find on a Cafe Racer or a classic British bike.

I am looking at a Corbin seat as well to help flesh out the look with a single piece seat. To give it a Cafe Racer touch and still be able to take my Fiancee for a ride on the back.

All in all, for the best idea of the look I'm going for. Think Street Fighter meets Classic British Bike meets Cafe Racer.