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Thread: Sprocket Mod Question

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    Default Sprocket Mod Question

    Guys, I don't know enough about this and I read the sticky on the sprocket mod as well as a couple other FZ6 forums on it. Originally I was thinking -1/+2 or 15/48 set up because I rarely ride on the highway and want more low end power. BUT, I was reading that a -1/+0 or 15/46 set up is still a boost in acceleration and not as much hassle with higher RPMs. Any thoughts on that comparison set up? Should I go 15/46, or 15/48 for the most acceleration? Given most of my top speed ever is generally only going to be 60 mph.


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    Check out this website...

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    It won't be a night and day difference in acceleration other than in first gear a bit on take off... What I would consider the most is if you're end up between 2 gears where you ride. Changing gearing will either help you (don't need to shift in the middle of a turn) or not help you on the opposite.

    BY example I went -1 in the front when I was doing track days on my FZ09. It wasn't noticeably any faster coming out the corner or faster/slower top speed but it did help me in some corners to be within the power band in 3rd gear. 2nd gear was too short and 3rd gear was just a bit too low in the rpms.

    So my suggestion is to take that in consideration...


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    Good info. If I gained some pick up in 1st and was able to maintain stronger power band during cornering then that'd be great. I like to ride in higher RPMs anyway.
    Thanks for the tip as well blkbrd.

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