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Thread: 09 OEM Owners Manual

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    Default 09 OEM Owners Manual

    Found this while cleaning my garage. I sold my 6R some time ago so don't need this. Free to anyone who wants it, just pay for cheapest shipping you can find. I'm in Ontario Canada (standard ground shipping is likely cheapest).

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    Hey Fraze - is this offer still available? I bought my bike used and the PO didn't have the manual. It'd be nice to have a physical copy on hand so I don't have to get on the PC. Let me know whatever you need on my end, thanks!

    Edit: I have a 2011 year model, but I think the manual is essentially the same.

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    No problem, I still have it. Just PM me a mailing address and I'll send it off.

    And to my knowledge (other than colour schemes) these bikes are identical year to year and Yamaha hasn't changed a thing on them, so the manual should cover all years.
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    If this is still available, I'll take it. Thanks!

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