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Thread: Engine Serial #

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    Default Engine Serial #

    Hi; Does anyone know where the engine serial number is located on my 2013 FZ6R ?
    Thanks; Tom

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    I thought the location of the engine serial # was listed in the owners manual, but I can't find it.
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    I believe any models with the 600cc motor will have the serial number in the same location.

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    I found my engine serial numbers. The are on the left rear of the motor. Follow the top run of the chain to it just pass the motor block. At that level look at the rear of the motor to find the serial numbers. My 2013 has two separate numbers. A vertical set of seven numbers and letters. A horizontal set of 11. (5 elements dash 6 elements) Your engine will need to be clean to see the numbers. They are not raised or engraved in the surface, just written on the flat surface.

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    My 2009 has a raised rectangle in that area with engraved serial. The vertical numbers are printed on the case, but I'm not sure what those numbers are.

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