Hey guys, unfortunately, I haven't got pics yet because I wanted to wait until I'm completely finished with the build. I'm so close it hurts!

I've been working on this build since December 2016 and have finally got it the way I've always wanted it to look like.

Here's a 'mod' list that I've done:

- Renthal motocross bars
- Bar end indicators
- 'Streetfighter' headlight with indicators mounted on them
- Fork covers, to give the forks the 'beefy' look I've always wanted with USD forks.
- Removed chain guard, installed (very) white chain
- Relocated rego plate to swingarm, had to also fit a license plate light.
- Modified rear indicators
- Relocated overflow tank
- Bar end mirrors fitted to inside of bar as bar ends were taken by indicators
- Dunlop Q3 180/55 tyres (changing to 180/60 next time as the profile of the tyre looks so much better)
- Made my own speedo bracket
- 06-2011 R6 headers with no name brand muffler.
- Fitted XJ6 belly pan

Here are some things I still plan to do:
- Fit R1 cheap aftermarket rearsets
- relocate horn, get a much louder horn.
- modify seat to make it so I sit much higher, going for more aggressive riding position.
- Relocate battery or get a low profile battery (Ducati apparently have low profile batteries). This will allow me to completely remove the battery compartyment and the rear tyre guard that goes with it. Making the seat appear to sit much higher from the rear wheel.
- Get a tyre hugger.
- Custom Gold on black plates for aestheticz
- put nice Yamaha decal on the fork guards/belly pan/ swingarm (still thinking about this as I'm not sure if I'll like the look of it).
- Rear brake light with integrated indicators.
- I'm sure there's more, just tired atm.

So there you have it. Someone that had literally no idea with what they were doing managed to get this shit done. I've spent so much money on tools as well. Definitely worth it.

I'll get pictures up as soon as I can. Just trying to get the finishing touches done.