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Thread: HELP! - Issues with my 09

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    Default HELP! - Issues with my 09

    Preface - 2nd owner of an 09 FZ6R, 13k miles, never any issues.

    I went to start it up last week and it idled incredibly rough and died a few times while warming up. I chalked it up to being cold. I rode down to the gym which is only about 2 miles away and noticed it was still rough. Again, must just be cold.

    Today it finally stopped raining so I wanted to go for a longer ride. Again, very rough idle but I let it warm all the way up hoping it would clear. It was almost like my throttle had a mind of its own out there. It would randomly kick out and sputter to the point where it was downright dangerous. I immediately turned around and came home after about 3 miles.

    The best way I can describe it is a sputter. I would be rolling on the throttle and all the sudden it would kick in and out, on and off, zero to wherever I was on the spectrum of rolling on. It was incredibly jerky, especially when I started going 40-50 mph. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?

    Non-cosmetic mods are: Two bros exhaust, Power commander & Autotune, K&N air filter, Blockoff plates.

    Thanks in advance.

    ***UPDATE*** I'm an idiot. The battery terminal was loose.
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    2009 FZ6R - Blue - 7,600 miles and climbing

    TBR Exhaust || Power Commander V + Autotune || Block Off Plates || K&N Filter || Shogun Frame Sliders || Fender eliminator || Dark Smoke Racing Windscreen

    If you are in CT hit me up and lets ride

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    Glad it was something simple

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