Wish I had some info to offer on modifying the factory seat but I don’t. Doesn’t look as though there’s a whole lot to work with as far as narrowing it goes but couldn’t hurt to have someone knowledgeable look at it. There are aftermarket seat options such as those from Corbin but those tend to actually sit a little higher. They do offer some customization so might not hurt to give the folks at Corbin a call to discuss it. They’re pricey though.

What makes you think that it being lowered would be more dangerous in emergency braking? I donn’t know for sure but don’t see why it would be dangerous.

I get it about the loose gravel and uneven ground. This is quite a top heavy bike. My best suggestion for that would be to consider some beefier boots. Check out the offerings from Daytona boots. They have several lady specific models with higher heels/soles to help get more reach to the ground. They also happen to be really excellent quality boots too! Pretty expensive but should last a very long time plus they offer repair and reconditioning on their boots should you need it in the future.