What do you do for a living?
I'm an airborne weather forecaster in the USAF, working with the Army right now.

How long have you owned your FZ6?
1 year

What other modes of transport do you have?
My ballin' 2012 Ford Focus gets me around in the rain.

If you could have any bike what would it be?
Always been a fan of Suzukis but I really love my bike now. So I guess any bike I have is my favorite.

What are your hobbies apart from the bike?
Wakeboarding, snowboarding, playing my many musical instruments, movies, video games....oh and riding of course!!!!!

What is the best place you have visited on your travels and why?
I have literally been stationed around the globe. Switzerland has been my favorite because the people I met were amazing, to say nothing of the beautiful scenery

How would you best describe yourself?
Quiet but confident adventurer

What pets have you got?
I have a 14 year old pure bred Welsh Corgi. He smells and is blind in one eye but he's mine and you can't have him.

Which invention in history would you most like to have come up with?
Can I say Google?

If you ruled the world, what is the first thing you would outlaw?
I would outlaw taking people to court for stupid shit. Seriously, if anyone were to ever think "why is that in the news/court?" it would be thrown out.

If you were forced to entertain us all at the Forum Christmas party - what would your talent be?
Musical entertainment, either playing one of the many instruments that I know or belting out some drunken karaoke.

Snow or beach?
Beach. I do need snow in my life, but I'd rather be hot than cold any day of the week.

Windows or Mac?
Seriously!? How is this a question? PC all the way.

F1 or MotoGP?
Either and or both?

Which track or album rocks your boat?
Anything by AC/DC

What is your favorite film?
........princess diaries, shhhhh, don't tell anyone

Meat or Veg?
Meat!!!!!!! and veggies in the form of potatoes

What is your favorite beverage?
Guinness or Killian's

And finally, your number one rule in life?
Relax. Stressing out causes more problems than the problem at hand.