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Thread: rear spool stand - FYI

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocoLechero View Post
    been looking into a triple tree front stand - but cant seem to find the hole on the front end anyone on here have a triple tree front end stand ????
    there is a rubber plug in it....

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    derp been reading reviews on the front triple tree stand ( the cheaper ones on amazon) - people have stated the stand tends to rest/support on the bike's front plastics to raise the bike up ( some have reported slight cracking of the plastics ) this doesnt seem like a good idea I wondering if im better off just getting a front fork stand over the triple tree. i wont be using the front stand for anything but winter storage. any thoughts???
    ps: expecting my t-rex spools any day now just need to pull the trigger on some stands - the weather is starting to turn!!!!!!!!!!

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    What Harbor freight stand u guys talking about? Also anyone recommend a good place to get a clear tail light? I was on ebay but sum look really cheaply made? Any suggestion? Also what exhaust is louder m4 or two brothers??

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    I read somewhere you need the 21mm pin to use with the triple tree stand for it to sit correctly.

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