I'm new here, just picked up my FZ6R last weekend. I love scavenger hunt rallies. For those who also love scavenger hunts, the rally's are organized hunts that generally last 8 hours or longer (sometimes months) where you have a prescribed list of things to collect along with a fixed item, i.e. your bike, a placard, flag or other item.

I'm in LA and there are a couple coming up if anyone is interested. First would be the Park n Ride Rally on Oct. 20 at 2012 Park 'N Ride Rally
Ride starts anywhere in So.Cal and ends in Alhambra. Point is to read the locations ahead, plan a route and collect the most points. Info is at that website....and I'm not involved in the website in any other way (other than participating). All brands are welcome.

Also there's a Kern County 8 hour scavenger hunt rally coming up in Nov. 10th. Last year all scavenger locations were within Kern County and it was a lot of fun. Index

These kind of events take place all over the US....and they are clearly the most fun ever have on a motorbike. All you need is a motorcycle. A gps is helpful although some folks do still use paper maps.